3 Evils
Stop the Three Big Revenue Killers

NS8 for platforms protects shops from transaction fraud, advertising fraud, and poor performance.

Shopify Plus
Big Commerce

Other eCommerce platforms also available.

StayLive Alerts
NS8 StayLive

StayLive alerts you when bad things happen to your website.

NS8 Staylive is a service enabling you to receive escalating alerts when your infrastructure is experiencing issues.

You can also monitor external factors that can affect business health and reputation.

NS8 TrueStats
NS8 TrueMarketShare

Real-time user scoring and profiling.

Find out what the other analytics aren't telling you.

NS8 TrueStats automatically tracks 22,000+ device, geolocation, demographic, campaign, and eCommerce attributes. TrueStats events can track any amount of custom data with a simple call.

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NS8 Data Services
NS8 Data Services

Plug into the power of NS8 Data Services

Leverage our four powerful data sets, the EQ8 Scoring Engine, and an easy to use REST API to power your service or application.

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