Protect your business with realtime monitoring and fraud protection

NS8 offers a collection of tools to prevent fraud, reduce costs and protect your customer’s experience. Our products work in unison or by themselves to give your business a complete solution.

NS8 StayLive

Website monitoring for uptime and reputation.

StayLive alerts you when bad things happen to your infrastructure.

NS8 Staylive is a service to enable you to receive escalating alerts when your infrastructure is experiencing issues. You can also monitors external factors that can affect your business's health and reputation.

NS8 StayLive is your solution for:

  • Global uptime monitoring
  • Botnet / fraud detection
  • Blocklist detection
  • User performance monitoring
  • Certificate expirations
NS8 TrueStats

Realtime user scoring and profiling.

Find out what the other analytics aren't telling you.

NS8 TrueStats automatically tracks 22,000+ device, geolocation, demographic, campaign and e-commerce attributes. TrueStats events can track any amount of custom data with a simple call.

NS8 TrueStats is your solution to:

  • Reduce fraud
  • Identify sources of fraudulent traffic
  • Realtime user scoring
  • Conversion tracking
  • Superior segmentation
NS8 AntiFraud

Realtime fraud scoring and protection.

Identify, predict and block fraud.

NS8 AntiFraud combines NS8 True Stats with fraud prediction capabilities and fraud blocking tools to improve your business’ bottom line.

NS8 AntiFraud's core feature include:

  • Includes all NS8 TrueStats analytics features
  • Cross client anonymous sharing of fraud patterns
  • Reduce chargebacks and approval queue
  • Block price scraping and content theft
  • Automated workflow to block, approve or send orders to manual review.

Global realtime machine learning

NS8’s cloud-based platform has been deployed around the globe to offer the best monitoring, scoring and prediction.

Threats come from anywhere and everywhere. Fraudsters around the world are doing their best to scam away huge sums of money in tiny increments from businesses like yours. Because the fraud exposure is global, we are there with servers on the ground monitoring and scoring everything for our customers.

The state of the 8.

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