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NS8 app now available for BigCommerce merchants

Online merchants who use BigCommerce can now download the latest full edition of the NS8 app for their fraud detection needs. As a BigCommerce Elite partner, NS8 will be a preferred tool for merchants looking to enhance their website's fraud protection capabilities.

Improve customer experience and revenue with website performance monitoring

Growing and sustaining any business starts with optimizing the customer experience. For online business owners, website performance monitoring is crucial to maintaining a positive customer experience. By knowing exactly what is happening with your website at all times, you can make sure to isolate and solve any performance issues that might affect the experience of your customers as well as your conversion rate.

NS8 raises $123 million in series A funding: What this means for the company and what’s ahead

NS8 is thrilled to announce this new round of funding, which puts us among the fastest-growing fraud detection platforms in the world. Learn what this means for us, our current customers, and what is ahead for NS8.

Improve ecommerce customer experience with better privacy and security

Improving ecommerce customer experience and improving privacy and security practices go hand-in-hand. Learn what the real concerns are that consumers have regarding ecommerce privacy and security, and what you can do to address these concerns and improve customer experience.

Proven strategies for building trust with customers

With the existence of fraudulent activity online, it's extrememly important to focus on building customer trust; earning and keeping it can mean a long and healthy life for your business. Learn proven and actionable strategies to help you increase customer trust and keep it!

Why is corporate social responsibility important?

Why is it so important for your corporation to add ethics and social responsibility into its core brand? The answer is simple: consumers prefer to spend money with businesses that stand for something. Beyond this, corporate social responsibility initiatives can also improve employee morale, engagement, and productivity.

What free Google Shopping product listings mean for your online store

In major news for online business owners, Google has announced that all Google Shopping listings are now free. What does this change mean for your ecommerce store and how can you make the most of it? Here’s what you need to know.

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