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Assessing user risk factors to prevent fraud

Learn how to prevent fraud by spotting the risk factors associated with suspicious users and understanding what they mean.

Most common ad fraud schemes to be aware of

As more companies invest heavily in online advertising, it’s beneficial to understand how ad fraud can affect that investment. Learn about common schemes and how your budget may be wasted to protect your company from losses due to fraud.

Holiday fraud prevention tips featuring John Brown of NS8

As the final installment in our week of holiday tips, we interview our own John Brown. Get the latest tips on fraud prevention during the holidays.

Let’s talk about ad stacking

Ad fraud is a buzzword that hovers around digital advertising, but many people have no idea what it is or how it happens. We examine how ad fraud works through the specific example of ad stacking.

Ad fraud simplified

People have been talking about ad fraud for years, but many still don't understand what it is or how it may affect them. Here's our quick guide on what you need to know.

The continuing battle against fraud

We discuss how fraud prevention has been changing around the world in recent years and what companies should be watching for in the future.

What every ecommerce store should know about chargeback prevention

Every company deals with chargebacks – and chargeback fraud. Here’s what you need to know about protecting your business from receiving too many chargebacks.

The danger of false positives

We explore how false positives can affect your bottom line and how they happen.

4 tips for minimizing ad fraud

Are you losing money to ad fraud? Our quick tips will help you plug the drain in your budget.

7 signs you have a bot problem

Bots make up half of internet traffic, and malicious bots can cause costly damage when they overrun your site. Learn how to spot a bot problem quickly.

5 tips to protect your online store from transaction fraud

Know what to look for to minimize transaction fraud for your ecommerce business.

Is ad fraud illegal?

There are fewer laws governing ad fraud than you may realize. We review the laws and legislation that do exist today.

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