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9 tips for holiday ecommerce success

Make sure you are fully prepared for the holiday season with these nine tips that will help set you up for success during the busiest shopping time of the year.

If you’re still unsure about how best to prepare your store for this holiday season, we have you covered. Here’s a quick checklist of the 9 important tasks that will help you achieve success.

(1) Optimize Your Channels

  • Make your page responsive for mobile shoppers
  • Consider selling options through social media

(2) Broaden Customer Options

  • Look into financing options and different payment methods
  • Offer multiple shipping options if possible

(3) Streamline Customer Service

  • Make it easy for customers to reach real people with problems
  • Keep employees in the loop on changes, known issues, and escalation plans

(4) Find Ways to Compete

  • Instead of trying to do what everyone else does, find what you can do best
  • Think outside the box like flash promotions and printable return labels

(5) Offer Clear Communication

  • Let customers know about any delays, cancellations, or other problems
  • Provide several ways for customers to get in contact

(6) Protect Your Ad Dollars

  • Recognize and remove bots from campaigns
  • Focus retargeting campaigns on good customers
  • Be prepared to make changes quickly

(7) Prevent Transaction Fraud

  • Know your common risk factors for your store
  • Implement automated processes like SMS verification and risk scoring
  • Balance fraud risk with revenue generation

(8) Defend Against Chargeback Fraud

  • Keep clean and organized records of all sales and returns
  • Use trackable shipping options and provide notifications

(9) Avoid Fraudulent Sellers

  • Vet any new resellers and partners carefully
  • Watch for pricing that doesn’t make sense
  • Create a simple escalation path for customers that have an issue
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