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Create an incredible customer experience on Magento

Using new technologies can make your site easier to navigate and more appealing to your customers. Learn more about the technology available for Magento merchants.

A great customer experience can encourage conversions and increase revenue. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly what is needed to guarantee a great experience. New technology can help you create a secure, seamless flow on your site that allows customers to find exactly what they want. By adding Magento plug-ins, you can design a customer experience that best suits your store.

Using technology to create a better customer experience

There are a number of technologies available today for a variety of needs. We’ll highlight a few of the most important types of plug-ins that can improve your Magento store.

Customer engagement

Personalization can significantly improve the customer experience. By implementing technology that allows you to speak to each customer individually, you can suggest new products, make purchases easier, and build loyalty. Generate more engagement with options like personalized recommendations, interactive on-site chat, and layout changes based on device. Use data to customize your shop to make shopping easier for your customers.

Tax help

Shopping online can be confusing when customers come from all over the world. To make things easier, there are plug-ins that can automatically calculate taxes and fees depending on where your shoppers are located. Providing correct information early in the checkout process can help your customers make informed decisions and lead to more conversions. Seamlessly integrate additional costs to optimize the conversion process.

Fraud protection

Card-not-present fraud is on the rise. While fraud protection is necessary to protect your store, it can also interrupt the customer experience and cause a drop in sales. However, new technology allowing dynamic friction means you can create a checkout process that smoothly layers protection at the right points. Customers get secure transactions without running into barriers by utilizing easy order verification and real-time scoring. Defend your bottom line without making purchases difficult for shoppers.

Shipping services

Almost as important as the on-site experience, shipping can cause customers to be impressed or disappointed with their purchase. Using the right technology, you can accurately predict shipping timelines, provide regular updates, and make it easy for customers to find their packages. Using the right shipping service can help end the shopping process on a positive note and keep your customers coming back for more. Create a great customer experience from beginning to end by choosing the right shipping partner.

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