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Holiday marketing tips featuring Danielle Butera of Blueswitch

Our second installment in our holiday series includes helpful hints from Danielle Butera, Chief Marketing Strategist for BlueSwitch. Get tips on how to best prepare your marketing for the busiest ecommerce season of the year.

Continuing our holiday preparation series, we connected with Danielle Butera, Chief Marketing Strategist for BlueSwitch. Danielle leads a team of marketing dynamos that drive qualified traffic, expand brand reach, and increase revenue for clients in a variety of industries in the ecommerce space and beyond. With her help, BlueSwitch takes new and existing businesses to the next level by building websites that engage customers and drive sales. Here are her tips for making the most of your marketing this holiday season.

How important is marketing at this time of year?

Prep time is NOW, so on a scale of 1-10 of importance, I’d say a 12. The adage “if you’re not early, you’re late” comes to mind. Currently, our clients have already been presented with projections for the 2019/20 holiday season and campaigns are now being developed so that we are ready for the most important time of year for any serious ecommerce business. By planning for success now, we give ourselves the ability to course correct swiftly and better allocate time for any last minute “surprises”.

How should holiday marketing campaigns differ from standard campaigns?

The ad space is heightened during holiday season. People are LOOKING for sales, and ready to buy so it technically should be the best time to increase sales, right? Maybe not. If you’re messaging is getting lost in the static of holiday hoopla, your chances of success can be minimal. Messaging needs to be super targeted and include an offer worthy of making a purchase. You have to play big to win big. Especially in the paid media space, the competition is at an all-time high. Make sure you have the proper budget allocation so that you can remain competitive while still driving a high ROAS.

Are there specific types of campaigns that do better during the holidays?

The holiday season is all about people who we know are ready to buy. Campaigns targeting your lower funnel shoppers are going to perform best. Focusing on brand awareness or email acquisition in the height of holiday may be a case of too little, too late. Use the end of Q2/ early Q3 to increase your email acquisition and garner as much site traffic and brand recognition as you can. That way, when it’s time to turn on your holiday campaigns, you have a large and targeted, ready-to-buy, audience to market to.

How can new businesses make their holiday campaigns stand out?

Have an offer that will last after the last sip of champagne is sipped. Buyers are already in purchase mode from Nov-Jan, so make your offer something that will be in your target consumers mind come February. Perhaps it’s a 10% off coupon for Feb-March, or an exclusive sneak peak into their spring collection if they make a purchase before Christmas. By thinking long-term, younger companies can create much-needed longevity.

Is there anything companies should avoid in their ads?

Remain holiday-agnostic. From Hanukah, to Christmas, to those who may not have a religious affiliation, make sure to not assume the holiday-identity of your buyer. Additionally, make your offer unique. Most companies (including that giant elephant in the corner… Amazon) offer free shipping and returns, it’s nothing new. Make your offer something unique and beneficial to your product and/or your customer.

When is the peak time for marketing during this time of year?

Don’t wait until Black Friday… but don’t become a black sheep either. Early November is optimal. You can target early bird shoppers and get your campaign message to resonate in your buyer’s brains first. Any sooner than November, however, may have a negative affect and cause your audience to be annoyed before they’ve even carved their first pumpkin.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Sometimes when you’re very closely connected to your marketing campaigns, it’s hard to see what you may be missing. BlueSwitch is currently offering free marketing audits to make sure your campaigns are holiday-ready. No strings attached.

Company Bio: BlueSwitch doesn’t just build websites, we build businesses, and we’ve been doing it since 2000. BlueSwitch takes your business to the next level by using our design, custom development, and unmatched experience to build, improve, upgrade and enhance new and existing sites. Our marketing strategists increase sales by analyzing your data, driving qualified site traffic, and increasing engagement at each stage of the buyers’ journey.

Learn more by checking out the BlueSwitch website.

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