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Master basic SEO strategy

New businesses can live or die by being found online. Understanding SEO strategy can help you spread your brand and reach more customers.

If customers can’t find your website, you probably won’t succeed as an online business. This makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) extremely important, especially for new companies trying to break into the market. Unfortunately, getting listed on a search results page naturally can be difficult.

Here are a few areas to focus on for better SEO results and more customer interactions.

Don’t Ignore Meta Data

Meta data used to be king in SEO. As algorithms have gotten more sophisticated, meta data is not as important as it used to be. However, it is still used to help determine categories and listing ranks for most search engines. Make sure to include detailed descriptions and tags for images and individual pages as these will be particularly important to ensure they show up when customers are looking.

Have Great Images and Descriptions

While achieving a ranking on the inital search results page for a popular search term may be a daunting task, it is usually possible to rank for short phrases or images. The more specific you can make your description, the more likely you are to hit on random phrases and long-tail keywords despite only a few results showing on the page. Images, on the other hand, often show a much larger list on most search results pages. This allows you to get your content and products seen for more general search terms even when your pages don't rank very high.

Create Specific Content

As search algorithms have adapted, sites have been forced to update content to match the new requirements. The emphasis is now on providing relevant content for specific searches. That means your content should include details and be focused on the subject of the page. Including unrelated information can actually cause your ranking to drop.

Vary Word Choice

In the past, companies would simply stuff pages full of keywords to get ranked highly for certain terms. Because search companies have created much more sophisticated technology, the key is now to find the perfect amount of times to mention a keyword. Too many and your page will get blocked. Too few and your page won’t even appear. To get the right balance, make sure headlines and descriptions include your main keyword while your content includes variants and related keywords. This will also help search engines categorize your content correctly.

This may seem obvious, but too many sites fail to keep their links up to date. Broken links often show that content is not current or being maintained. If search engines think your content is old or has become irrelevant, your ranking will suffer. If internal pages move or change, make sure your links stay current. This will also help you avoid 404 errors for your customers, which can cause them to leave your site.

Make Every Page Matter

Many companies apply SEO to specific content on their sites, like blogs and articles, but forget to incorporate it where it really matters. Every page on your site has the potential to bring in new customers. By setting up your content to be successful early on, you can set a good score with search engines that will help you drive better traffic and get stronger data on what your customers are looking for. This then allows you to create even better content to capture more specific audiences.

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Jackie is a Content Specialist at NS8. With a varied background and over 6 years of content creation experience, Jackie works hard to provide a compelling range of informative articles.

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