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NS8 app now available for BigCommerce merchants

Online merchants who use BigCommerce can now download the latest full edition of the NS8 app for their fraud detection needs. As a BigCommerce Elite partner, NS8 will be a preferred tool for merchants looking to enhance their website's fraud protection capabilities.

NS8's BigCommerce app allows merchants to connect a full-service fraud detection solution to their online stores in a few easy steps

As a BigCommerce Elite Partner, NS8 allows online store operators to confidently approve orders faster with multiple fraud tools protecting their revenue. That's because BigCommerce merchants using NS8 gain not only order fraud protection but also ad fraud protection and site performance monitoring.

Using NS8's easy-to-install app, merchants can quickly access key features designed to protect against fraud while approving more legitimate orders. With the tool, ecommerce businesses can enjoy total protection for their online stores.

How to get started and key features of NS8

To help merchants get started, we'll cover how to install NS8. We'll also explore some of the platform's key features, designed to help detect online fraud while maximizing revenue. Key features include order screening, user sessions, optional extensions, and custom order rules.

Installing the NS8 app for BigCommerce

Installing the app is quick and painless. The easiest way to do so is from the BigCommerce app store. After clicking the install button, users must accept the terms and conditions of NS8 Protect. Next, fill out a short sign-up form with some basic information. The final step is a simple email verification, and then NS8 is ready for use. To view the NS8 dashboard, find the Apps section in your left sidebar and click on the new link to NS8.

See complete steps along with helpful screenshots in NS8's installation guide for BigCommerce.

Key features of NS8's fraud detection platform

NS8 differentiates itself from other BigCommerce fraud protection apps by using real-time data in our risk decisioning rather than calculated guesses based on prior information. NS8 also allows users flexibility in customizing the application, giving them the ability to easily make changes that update instantly to the platform.

While the NS8 dashboard is designed to show you the most important information at a glance, understanding the essential features can help you unlock NS8's full potential. Below are some key features to be aware of once NS8 is installed.

Order screening

NS8's algorithm reviews and scores every single order that comes through. Users then have the choice of how to utilize those scores. Flag orders for manual review, quarantine suspicious orders to hold for further review, automatically send identity verification, or even auto cancel orders that score low enough.

Use the Order Review page to get a comprehensive view of an order's status, all relevant information, and any potential red flags. The information given will allow merchants to evaluate whether or not an order should be approved, canceled, or further reviewed.

The Suspicious Orders page gives a complete list of all orders given a suspicious rating by NS8. This page is especially useful in understanding how and why the NS8 algorithm has rated current orders that may be fraudulent. Order rules can also be used to decide how to handle these orders.

Check out NS8's user guides on both the Order Review page and the Suspicious Orders page to make the most of each feature.

User sessions

NS8's ability to track user sessions can help merchants be aware of the activity patterns on their site. View user sessions within a specific timeline based on customizable data points so that you can isolate activity that might be considered suspicious for your website. By turning on the Google Analytics integration, you can further use this information to help make the most of your ad spend.

Along with the ability to view all orders based on a given time frame, NS8 also automatically isolates all sessions considered questionable on the Suspicious Sessions page.

Optional extensions: Ekata and Verifi

Along with the native features NS8 offers, there are also a few helpful extensions available to BigCommerce merchants using NS8.

The Ekata Identity Check extension allows an additional layer of fraud detection capability, compiling customer data from over 170 countries. Ekata Identity Check evaluates inconsistencies in things like the customer's name, phone number, addresses, and email records. This saves merchants time in manually verifying this type of information.

The Verifi Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network extension allows BigCommerce merchants to resolve chargeback claims directly within the NS8 extension. This makes it easier to solve pending chargebacks before they become "official" chargeback claims, which can sometimes result in fees or penalties for the merchant.

About BigCommerce:

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Want to learn more? Request a demo of the NS8 for BigCommerce Extension.

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