Gabe Shepherd

NS8 has a new look

At NS8, our growth as a company has led to new opportunities and inspired a new look for our brand. Learn more in this quick read from our Executive VP of Marketing, Gabe Shepherd.

For more than three years, we’ve had the privilege of working with you to fight fraud and online threats, which has enabled you to focus on growing your business. In that time, thanks to your support and feedback, our solution has improved and allowed us to grow as a company too.

Today, you may notice things look a little different. NS8’s colors, website, and even logo are completely new! While our appearance may have changed, our commitment to giving you the tools to fight online threats has not. Everything inside of the NS8 platform is located where it was yesterday, and none of your settings have been affected.

Why our brand is changing

Growth often means change. Because of your trust in our company, NS8 has grown beyond our expectations. With this newfound growth, we have the opportunity to further help companies prepare for the evolving threats online.

When we ask our customers why they chose NS8, they often point to the affordability of our product and how easy it is to set up — which we agree are both pretty great! But there is also significant value in the network effect of our product. Our patented scoring technology provides you with key data points to make informed decisions about the quality of your traffic, the behavior of your customers, and whether or not to fulfill certain orders — data points which come from analyzing billions of interactions from around the world. More robust data means we can better differentiate real interactions from fraud. Simply put: The more people that use NS8, the more effective its protection becomes for everyone.

We have witnessed our customer base broaden to include small businesses and companies experiencing new challenges as a result of major growth, as well as established enterprise companies seeking fraud prevention solutions customized for their individual needs. As we grow even further, we will continue to support our expanding customer base, and develop new tools to counter more sophisticated threats.

How we’re evolving our design

We decided to adjust our branding to better represent who we are today and our philosophy regarding fraud prevention. Many fraud prevention companies focus on taking decisions away from individual businesses to reduce risk, but we believe in working with our customers to solve fraud, regardless of the size and complexity of their challenges. Our flexible technology allows merchants to configure a fraud solution that gives them more control at every stage of the customer journey.

You may see this flexibility in our new logo. Like NS8 itself, our new logo has multiple interpretations corresponding to the many applications of our technology. Some people see a lock and think of security. Others may see a fingerprint and think of identity. And some of us may still see the number eight!

Whatever you see in our new logo, we hope you know how much we appreciate your support over the years. We look forward to continuing to see your businesses grow and helping you fight fraud with intelligence.

About the author
Gabe Shepherd

Gabe is NS8's Executive Vice President of Marketing. In that role, he works diligently to thoughtfully portray our company's capabilities and values. In the past 15 years, Gabe has held marketing and strategy positions at multiple B2B SaaS companies, several of which were in the cybersecurity space. He has built and managed teams for hypergrowth companies and been a part of three exits, including one for his own company. In his spare time, he's an adjunct instructor at UNLV’s Business School.

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