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Website performance monitoring lets you know how well your site is running. NS8 can help you make sure that your website hasn't fallen into the hands of hackers, your certificates are valid, and nothing negative is impacting your site's performance or reputation. As part of your website analytics, you can use our website performance monitors to track how well your digital platforms and channels are running. We can help keep your store running smoothly, which keeps your customers happy. 

Why site performance monitoring is important

Having a healthy website means you'll retain more customers and have a better chance of attracting new ones. Make sure that your website is running at its best so that performance and security issues do not get in your customers' way. Consumers enjoy shopping on websites where they can quickly find what they want. Websites that run slowly or have security certificates that are out of date can turn customers away. Keep your customers content and feeling safe by confirming that your website is up to date, secure, and running smoothly. We can help you monitor your store's performance and find areas where users might experience unwanted friction so you can swiftly address and fix them.

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How our monitors work

You want your website to be available and responsive, no matter where your customers are using it, around the world and from any device. Our performance and reputation monitors keep an eye on several aspects of your website health, including page response times, security indicators, and potential blocklist issues.

Our five monitors help keep you aware of performance issues on your website.

Certificate validity

When you're doing business online, it is important to create an environment where your customers feel safe using your website. Certificates help build trust with your customers because they encrypt the data between the server and the client browser. Making sure your certificates are valid lets your customers know that they can safely shop in your ecommerce store. If your certificates expire, they are considered invalid which means you cannot run secure transactions on your website.

Our certificate validity monitor makes sure that your website credentials are current and accurate. You can configure this monitor to let you know when your SSL certificate is about to expire so your security doesn't lapse. Keeping your certificate current maintains your customers' trust and prevents your website from turning customers away.

Domain blocklist

Our domain blocklist monitor determines whether your website is on a blocklist. Your website might appear on a blocklist if a listing service receives a certain amount of complaints about your site. Your website domain name can also appear on blocklists if it shows up in spam emails. Unfortunately, you don't have to be a spammer to appear on a blocklist. Website domains are blocklisted based on algorithms that can trap legitimate websites by accident. Being blocklisted means your emails might be sent directly to spam folders, which prevents your customers from receiving your emails. If you notice that your customers are not receiving emails like they typically do, you could be on a blocklist.

Global performance

Your website performance can have a great impact on your customers' experience. A website that loads quickly retains customers, improves conversion rates, and can positively impact your revenue. If your website runs slowly, it can be ranked low in search results. Your brand can lose credibility, leads, and sales if customers cannot find your website.

Our global performance monitor looks at how quickly your website loads. This monitor evaluates your website's response times from different servers around the world. For example, if your website gets a lot of traffic from Europe but European monitors are not performing well, you might need more servers to optimize your website for European users.

Google Safe Browsing

This monitor checks to see if your site has been flagged by Google Safe Browsing. Your store could be flagged if Google suspects that you are phishing or hosting malware. Google provides this service to warn users if a site is unsafe and discourages those users from viewing your storefront, driving away potential customers in the process. If your store appears on the Safe Browsing list, your site could be compromised or infected with malware.

Website content match

This monitor uses our global network of website performance monitoring stations to make sure that the keywords and phrases you want to use appear on your website. For example, if you sell jewelry, you can configure the website content match monitor to look for the word "ring" a specific number of times. If "ring" stops appearing on your website, you know that there's an issue. If your website content is taken over or replaced by hackers or by error, our monitor will let you know. We alert you when there is a difference between the content you expect on your site and the content that appears.


Retain customers, increase conversions, and make sure your website is safe to use. Our website performance monitors can help keep your website safe and running at its best. Great website performance means happy, return customers who spread the word about their positive shopping experience in your ecommerce store.

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