Smart retargeting with NS8’s custom tools

Don't spend extra money on targeting fraudulent traffic. Instead, block that traffic and focus on retargeting more legitimate users. We'll show you how you can use our fraud detection technology to determine the best place to spend your advertising dollars.

We can help you use your budget more wisely by retargeting to specific customers. You probably know that not all your website traffic is valid and that your site can be subject to bots or fraudulent users. With our tools, you can identify and exclude known fraudulent or malicious traffic from your retargeting efforts. This will help you maximize your advertising dollars while making sure that your bottom line stays healthy.

Retargeting is a valuable digital advertising tool

Make the most of your retargeting efforts. Target only users who will produce positive results for your advertising dollars.

We'll discuss what retargeting is and how you can use it to boost your marketing strategy. We'll also give you examples of how fraudsters can target your retargeting efforts through click fraud. Finally, we'll explain our technology and how you can use specific features to exclude fraudulent traffic from your retargeting audience.

Retargeting defined and how you can use it

You probably know a bit about retargeting and what it includes. We've all seen these ads appear on search platforms after we visit a site. Suddenly, it seems everyone knows we looked at shoes this week! You are retargeting when you show ads to people who have already visited your site, whether it was a brief visit, or they made a purchase.

Retargeting is related to a broader term, or strategy, called remarketing. Remarketing is how you re-engage or cross-sell to existing customers and contacts. The most common way to remarket is through email. Using segmented lists of your current contacts and customers, you can deliver highly customized offers and messages. Sending emails to contacts that you already have saves time and money.

When it comes to retargeting however, even if you use your ad dollars sensibly, fraudsters can block your efforts.

You could be susceptible to fraudulent activity through retargeting

If your industry is highly competitive or your ad campaigns have high visibility, you could be more susceptible to click fraud. Direct competitors and fraudsters can drain your retargeting ad budget by clicking ads when they do not plan to make a purchase or use your services. These users know that the more clicks your ads receive, the more money you spend.

Fraudsters can set up bots, web crawlers, and click farms to specifically click ads hundreds of times with the sole purpose of depleting your retargeting budget. Some fraudsters even set up websites to host retargeting ads and then send fake clicks through the site to make money. With pricey keywords that can cost $50 or more, each fake click can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Thankfully, we can help you avoid retargeting fraud and keep more of your ad budget.

Avoid retargeting fraud with NS8

Our retargeting fraud prevention tool integrates with Google Analytics. With this combination, suspicious users are automatically removed from your Google Analytics retargeting list so that they get left out of future ad campaigns. You can use the Google Analytics remarketing slider to set a minimum score that users have to meet to participate in your retargeting efforts. Although you can change this slider any time, by default we've set it to a score of 200. Users who have a score that is less than 200 are automatically excluded from your remarketing campaigns. When you increase this score, you improve the chance that your remarketing audience is made up of legitimate human users instead of bots.

On the NS8 dashboard, you can quickly find out how much you are saving on remarketing. This information appears in the Retargeting Fraud card which shows your estimated projected savings based on your settings and the industry average cost of remarketing to an individual user. Use NS8 and Google Analytics to increase the return you receive on your retargeting campaign investments.


Now that you know a little more about retargeting and the potential fraud that it can attract, you can take action. Retargeting is a great advertising tool that can help you boost your bottom line by sending ads to users who have viewed your site. You might already be using your ad budget wisely, remarketing to your existing customer base with direct email messages.

Retargeting fraud can eat away at your ad budget which means your bottom line is also affected. However, we can help you avoid click fraud with our retargeting fraud tools. We can help you keep unwanted traffic away from your ad campaigns and your ad budget stable. Our retargeting fraud tools find and exclude known fraudulent or malicious traffic from your retargeting efforts. Maximize your advertising dollars while making sure that your bottom line stays healthy.

To learn more about our retargeting tools, schedule a demo.

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