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Understanding the CCPA

Check out our quick update on what changes the CCPA has brought to data protection and how NS8 prepared for the change.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was passed in 2018. Similar in scope and intent to GDPR, this law sets rules around how consumer data can be collected, stored, and used, as well as how companies must communicate with their customers. The law also includes several amendments and will affect nearly every large company operating in California.

Here’s a quick overview of the important things to know about the CCPA:

Who should worry about compliance with the CCPA?

The law covers for-profit businesses that collect any information about consumers in California that meet at least one of three thresholds:

  • Businesses that make more than $25 million in gross annual revenue
  • Businesses that buy or sell personal information for at least 50,000 consumers/households
  • Businesses that earn at least half of their annual revenue by selling consumer data

If your company does not meet any of these thresholds, then you do not need to comply with this law—for now. There is also an exemption for business-to-business companies that only collect data from people representing their companies.

What does the CCPA require companies to do?

Businesses that do meet one or more of the above criteria need to comply with several requirements as of January 1, 2020. You must:

  • Have a process in place to obtain parental consent to collect and share data on minors under 13, as well as an active consent agreement for minors aged 13 to 16.
  • Provide a clear link on your site’s home page that allows consumers to opt out of selling their information.
  • Provide direct access for information requests on what data you hold for a consumer.
  • Include information on California residents’ data rights in your written privacy policy.
  • Wait 12 months after a California consumer opts out of data sharing to request that they opt-in.

How has NS8 prepared for the CCPA?

NS8 has made several changes in response to this law and will comply with all necessary requirements. This includes our updated privacy policy as well as any necessary links and notices.

We have an assigned Data Protection Officer, Spencer Fairbairn, who works diligently to ensure that all of our data requirements meet the law for consumers around the globe. Any customers with questions about how this could affect our products or how we use our data can contact us at compliance@ns8.com or using the contact information below:

Data Protection Officer (Spencer Fairbairn): NS8 Inc 241 W Charleston Blvd, Suite 111 Las Vegas, NV 89102 Attn: Data Protection Officer

Are there additional resources for the CCPA?

If you’re looking for more information about the CCPA and how it may affect your business, check out our links below.

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