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Using data to personalize the customer experience and build trust

As consumers get more demanding with so many online options, it’s more important than ever to create a great experience while maintaining brand trust. We discuss how to safely collect data and use it to enhance the customer experience and…

Understanding the CCPA

Check out our quick update on what changes the CCPA has brought to data protection and how NS8 prepared for the change.

The continuing battle over data

In recent years, data breaches have spurred numerous questions regarding the balance between privacy and advertising needs. We’re exploring the recent and upcoming changes to data use and storage that could affect your store.

Lessons learned from the Capital One data breach

Yet another data breach is in the news. We discuss what your company can learn from this particular data breach and how you can protect your clients.

Understanding responsible data management

Data continues to be a topic of conversation around the world. We discuss how data management can affect your ecommerce businesses and what you can do to protect your customers.

5 ways you should be using your data

You have data. Now what do you do with it? Here’s our top 5 suggestions.

Creating a useful customer profile from your data

Learn how to develop simple and detailed customer profiles from your collected data.

A beginner’s guide to data

Data is a common buzzword. Learn what data actually is and how it is often used in this overview.

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