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Introduction to the chargeback process

Chargebacks can be confusing for retail companies. Learn the basic steps on how to navigate these transactions in our introductory guide.

Best practices for order rules

Order rules can help automate your fraud prevention in NS8 Protect. Here's our best practices when using order rules.

Why not block ad bots?

Some ad fraud tools focus on blocking bots, but there are several reasons why NS8 does not. We explain our reasoning behind this choice.

How Visa’s new chargeback threshold may affect you

Chargebacks are always problematic, but Visa’s changes to their chargeback thresholds in 2019 may end up costing you. Find out how to avoid additional fees with our overview on the new rules.

The danger of false positives

We explore how false positives can affect your bottom line and how they happen.

5 tips to protect your online store from transaction fraud

Know what to look for to minimize transaction fraud for your ecommerce business.

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