Case Study

Performance and certificate monitoring safeguard brand reputation

Maintaining a positive brand reputation is essential for ecommerce. Working with NS8's passive monitoring, one company was able to catch an expiring security certificate before it could impact their sales.

The Goal

  • Illuminate performance issues while maintaining transactional integrity of the storefront.

The Approach

  • Provided easy API integration between the Shopify storefront and NS8 Protect.
  • Ensured compatibility between our product and the other fraud services they were running concurrently.
  • Monitored the performance of their site to detect crucial reliability issues.

The Results

  • Identified a looming SSL Certificate expiration that would have caused unsecure content on the site and potential damage to their reputation.
  • Maintained transactional integrity by monitoring their site’s users for potential fraud.
  • Minimized order review latency with a direct integration to avoid negatively impacting site performance.

[Redacted], a large online apparel merchant, has asked that we not reveal their company name in this case study. Forgetting to update your SSL certificate is a common and understandable mistake, but still embarrassing

[Redacted] have been running an online storefront for several years, running several fraud services concurrently to ensure optimal coverage and minimal risk. They wanted to find an easy-to-integrate fraud solution that would complement their blanket coverage of transaction fraud without slowing down their site or impacting the performance of their storefront.

In order to make this goal a reality, their team needed to find a solution that would help safeguard their business from fraud and maintain the stability of their website. Last year, an average business would typically suffer from 87 hours worth of downtime and other outages, which would cost your average $10 million business over $100,000 in pure lost sales and likely more than double that once you factor in the costs associated with fixing the problem and wasted employee time. While not all outages are preventable, monitoring a site’s performance can be a valuable step to detect problems quickly and help formulate a response.

Immediately we liked how easy the product was to use, and that it was fully integrated into the Shopify admin, so we continued using it alongside some of the other solutions we were already working with.

- Alex, Customer Service Manager at [Redacted]

[Redacted] realized that by utilizing NS8’s Protect solution, they could benefit from all of our capabilities by default, including ones that they weren’t originally looking for specifically. For instance, NS8 uses several monitoring stations around the world that can watch the performance of a merchant’s website, identifying not just potentially fraudulent customers, but also spotting any potential performance issues that might threaten site stability. For example, if a site was suffering an outage where customers were unable to view secure content, we would alert the merchant so that the issue could be corrected quickly before it caused severe revenue losses for the business. NS8 Protect gave them the ability to identify a looming SSL certificate expiration and sent them escalating alerts so they could renew their certificates and avoid compromising their site’s performance.

We had moved hosting providers, and in the process, installed a certificate that expired on a different timeframe than were used to. Nobody saw this expiration date coming… well, except for the monitoring services that was quietly installed as part of the NS8 product.

- Alex, Customer Service Manager at [Redacted]

As well as watching their site for fraud, NS8 Protect had given them added monitoring features that they hadn’t really considered. This not only enabled [Redacted] to benefit from the additional security to their storefront they were originally looking for, but it also broadened their overall capabilities by giving them something that their other simple fraud prevention services weren’t providing.

Now whenever their site suffers the threat of a potential performance issue, NS8 Protect can send them instant SMS and email verifications to address the problem quickly. As well as monitoring for site outages and certificate expirations, NS8 Protect also checks to ensure that the everything is displayed correctly for each individual user. This is made possible with the built-in real-user monitoring feature, which allows a merchant to check that everything is optimized for individual customers, regardless of their location or device. All of this was possible thanks to the seamless integration between NS8 Protect and their store’s platform, giving them an instant view of any site vulnerabilities via the review dashboard.

3 days out,the NS8 product was frantically trying to get a hold of us to make sure we didn’t let our certificate expire. I don’t even want to think about the thousands of dollars we would have lost while our users were being warned that our site was no longer secure…

- Alex, Customer Service Manager at [Redacted]

This simple integration has helped to deliver some critical results. By using NS8 Protect, [Redacted] avoided an unexpected SSL certificate expiration that could have cost their business thousands of dollars if their normal customers had been unable to access the secure content on their site. Since then, they have begun to look at using our metrics to make some important changes to optimize the site for real user performance, helping to maintain the reliability of their storefront for different customers around the world.

With NS8 Protect scoring and filtering their site’s users, [Redacted] was also able to preserve their transactional integrity as they were originally hoping for, and run our service alongside other fraud prevention measures without adding to order latency or interfering with the processing of customer orders. Based on these outcomes, Redacted plans to continue utilizing NS8 Protect to actively monitor the performance of their website and continue to benefit from the added features we provide.

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