Case Study

Health food company cuts out ad and order fraud

When fraudulent orders grew to the equivalent of over half their monthly online revenue, LonoLife needed a solution, fast. By using NS8, they identified the source of their fraudulent traffic and eradicated it.

Significant Outcomes:

  • Ball and Chain

    Removed order fraud equal to nearly 50% of their monthly online revenue

  • Trash

    Discovered a single ad campaign that was bringing in all fraudulent orders and 78% of fraudulent traffic

  • Knife Switch

    Shut down campaign and removed all fraud the following month

The Problem:

Due to some serious fraud concerns, LonoLife brought their website security in-house from a management company to clean up their traffic. With fraudulent orders that were the equivalent of half their monthly online revenue, it was essential to get a solution in place fast. Working with PayPal, LonoLife decided to use NS8 Protect to get this situation under control.

We had been working with PayPal for a few months to try and find exactly where the fraudulent orders were coming from. PayPal introduced us to NS8, who came to the rescue.

- Craig Leslie, LonoLife Co-founder

The Solution:

Looking for quick answers, LonoLife was able to easily integrate NS8 Protect with their storefront. The solution offered them clear dashboards that showed suspect orders, low-performing ad campaigns, and site performance issues.

After a short consultation, NS8 recommended that LonoLife set their order threshold at an EQ8 Score of 600, flagging any order below that as suspect. Additional recommendations included SMS verifying suspect orders, blocking users with an EQ8 Score of less than 300 from being retargeted, and implementing a custom order rule flagging orders that are more than 150% of the average order amount.

The Outcome:

With NS8 Protect in place, LonoLife quickly discovered that all of their bad orders and most of their bad traffic was linked to one specific affiliate marketing campaign. By digging into the information provided by NS8, LonoLife was able to shut down the campaign, reducing their fraudulent orders to 0 and saving a decent portion of their advertising budget in the process.

Unfortunately, some affiliate marketing companies don’t have any checks and balances for fraud that goes through their system. NS8 helped us pinpoint and shut down the fraud and ultimately freed up our time to run LonoLife.

- Craig Leslie, LonoLife Co-founder

More About LonoLife:

"We are surfers, climbers, hikers and travelers (and that’s just the beginning…) We believe that life is there to be experienced, and that there’s not a minute to lose. And we know that in order to get the fullest out if it, we need to fuel our adventures with nutrition that keeps our bodies going as long as our minds can keep up. That’s why we created LonoLife -- the products we knew we wanted but didn’t exist yet. Truly nutritious, ridiculously delicious grass-fed bone broth, flavored and non-flavored collagen, protein coffee and plant-based protein products that we designed exactly for people like us -- those who want to get outside, drink their nutrition in easy, single-serve doses, and get back to what they love, refreshed and refueled."

Learn more about their philosophy and their products at

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