Case Study

NS8’s partner program expands revenue opportunities with easy referrals

Beyond helping your customers defend against the biggest fraud threats online, partners can increase their revenue by referring clients to NS8. TAMZ West was able to create a passive income stream by becoming an NS8 partner.

The Goal

  • Improve month-over-month revenue by referring NS8 products.

The Approach

  • Setup a fully customizable dashboard for a quick overview and metrics to check on the status of all clients, transactions, and payments.
  • Avoided adding to their workload with a straightforward referral system.
  • Provided marketing and sales tools to make future product recommendations easy.

The Results

  • Onboarded 77% of their existing clients to NS8 products in their first 3 months.
  • Enrolled 3 of their preferred clients into multiple NS8 products.
  • Generated an additional $1,200 in passive month-over-month revenue.

TAMZ West has been running a very successful marketing and consulting business that works closely with their clients to create and execute successful digital campaigns. With a hefty list of intermittent or inactive clients, they were looking for services to resell or partner with to monetize those relationships and increase revenue.

In order to make this goal a reality, their team needed to find a partnership that would avoid many of the difficulties they had experienced in the past. Over the last few years, they had tried a number of different partner programs, and with weighty sign-up fees or a lengthy approval process, their relationships with some of those firms was short lived. While all partnership programs have their various upsides and downsides, TAMZ West was looking for something simple.

The NS8 Partner Program has a fantastic rate of return thanks to their 30% commission structure. Which as something that boosts our monthly revenue, is something we really appreciate.

- Dave, Managing Partner, TAMZ West

Under the NS8 Partner Program, we tried to make it easy for firms like TAMZ West by doing away with all of the upfront costs, like partnership or entry fees, in favor of a streamlined sign-up process and 30% commissions for all first-year referrals. This was an enormous benefit for TAMZ West because they weren’t having to balance any potential earnings from clients they brought onboard against any initial costs, meaning that they knew they were going to profit from every single referral to NS8.

To simplify the client outreach process, the NS8 Partner Program also provides firms with an informative dashboard so they can keep on top of all referrals. Using these tools, TAMZ West could keep track of their client's status, history, and payments from one easy location. With all of their clients at varying stages of their subscription process and considering multiple different product lines, this was a big help for them keep track of all their customers.

We love how the NS8 partner program is set up. It rewards its partners for maintaining the status of their preferred clients month after month with a 30% payout. Along with the easy-to-use referral system, it really didn't take us long to move all of our clients over to NS8 products.

- Dave, Managing Partner, TAMZ West

As well as providing detailed client metrics and tracking information, the NS8 Partner Program is designed to make the recommendation process easy. We provide all partners with their own unique referral link, which not only allows them to ensure they get credit for every client they sign up, but it also makes the sign-up process quick and easy for their customers by avoiding unnecessary forms or further paperwork.

Now whenever TAMZ West recommends an individual client, all they have to do is send the customer their own unique referral link with the partner id in the URL. If the client clicks the link, the partner ID would be stored in the NS8 cookie on their computer, so any accounts created thereafter will be automatically credited to TAMZ West. As well as tracking the status of all potential client subscriptions, this feature even works for customers using the free trial for any of the NS8 products, so partners can track when and if their clients choose to upgrade at a later time.

All we have to do is send our clients the referral link, they sign up by clicking on the link, and everything is taken care of automatically. It’s just that simple- it’s fantastic!

- Dave, Managing Partner, TAMZ West

The first few months of them signing onto the program have seen some real gains. In the last 3 months, they have onboarded 77% of their clients, and this has led to revenue gains of over $1,200 per month. Since then, they have begun to look at using our expanding guides and sales tools to boost client outreach further, really helping to cement the value of the product and making it easy to recommend our services to each of their various clients.

With the NS8 Partner Program avoiding the complications of other similar programs, TAMZ West was glad to find a solution that was both straightforward and simple to use, so that they could make easy recommendations without adding to their workload. Based on these outcomes, TAMZ West plans to continue referring NS8 products to their growing client base and benefit from fantastic new revenue opportunities for every client they onboard.

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