Submission Guidelines:

  • Read some of our content before submitting your post.
  • Include your content, suggested images, and author information (see below for more details).
  • We only publish original content. Reposts will not be considered. All posts become the property of NS8 once published.
  • Our editors reserve the right to edit content as needed for consistency on our blog.
  • If your post is accepted, we will notify you and provide a tentative date for publication.
  • Authors will be responsible for sharing the published link provided by NS8 on their own social pages as well as LinkedIn.

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  • All submissions should be thought-leadership and industry-informative articles. We will not accept advertising, editorial, controversial, or political content.
  • Submissions should not be NS8 focused. Our products or company may be mentioned incidentally if it fits the topic at hand, but no articles should be entirely about the company.

Formatting & Grammar:

  • Break up text. Use headers, subheaders, lists, images, etc.
  • Keep headlines short and informative.
  • Use short paragraphs to make it easy to read.
  • Write concisely but cover everything your readers need to know about your topic. Brevity is not as important as providing good, actionable information.
  • Use active voice whenever possible.
  • Use AP Style and common sense when writing.
    • Standard rules for commas, apostrophes (only for possession), periods, colons and semi-colons, dashes, and hyphens apply. Put question marks for every question and use exclamation marks sparingly.
    • Exceptions:
      • The Oxford comma is your friend; use him.
      • Headlines should follow MLA Title Case. (Use a converter if you’re unsure.)
  • Spell out terms followed by any abbreviations for the first use. After that, the abbreviation can be used alone (i.e. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)).
  • Spell out numbers only at the beginning of a sentence or when used in fractions (e.g. two thirds). Use decimal points and commas for large numbers (1,000,000) as normal. Always use the % symbol rather than “percent”, include dollar signs (or other currency) before the number, and include dashes between numbers for phones (555-298-2365).
  • Spell out the month and day, and number the date and year. For times, do not use periods for am/pm, include numbers with colons only if minutes are used (6 am, 5:30 pm), use hyphens to indicate duration (10-4pm), and abbreviate time zones (PST) where possible.
  • Include links or footnotes for ANY factual claims.
    • When linking, use authoritative and original sources as often as possible. Please do not link directly to competitor sites.
    • Footnotes should include author (if applicable), article title, website or publication name, date, and link. (See NS8U for examples.)
    • We reserve the right to get permission from your sources before publication. You may be asked to help with this process.
  • Provide facts and statements as much as possible. Only use opinions when they can be backed up with facts.
Word List

Some words are tricky. This is how NS8 writes them:

  • add-on (noun, adjective), add on (verb)
  • anti-fraud (no caps)
  • back end (noun), back-end (adjective)
  • beta
  • blacklist (verb), block list (noun)
  • chargeback (one word, no caps)
  • checkbox
  • coworker
  • double-click
  • drop-down (noun, adjective), drop down (verb)
  • downtime (one word, no caps)
  • eCommerce (the industry)
  • ePub
  • email (never hyphenate, never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
  • emoji (singular and plural)
  • front end (noun), front-end (adjective)
  • geolocation
  • hashtag
  • homepage
  • ID (abbreviation of identification, always capitalize)
  • integrate
  • internet (never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
  • login (noun, adjective), log in (verb)
  • like (the social media activity)
  • multilayered
  • OK
  • online (never capitalize unless it begins a sentence)
  • opt-in (noun, adjective), opt in (verb)
  • pop-up (noun, adjective), pop up (verb)
  • real-time
  • signup (noun, adjective), sign up (verb)
  • sync
  • tweet, retweet
  • username
  • URL
  • website
  • WiFi
NS8 Brand Writing Rules:
  • NS8™ will always be written in all caps unless a full URL or email is used (i.e., The trademark symbol should be used on first or most prominent reference.
  • Always use our full name when referring to products and utilize the trademark symbol on first use. The company and product should not be separated.
    • NS8 Protect™, NS8 Visitors™, etc.
  • Capitalize EQ8 Score™ and EQ8 Scoring Engine™.
NS8 Tone & Style
  • Tone should be friendly but informative.
    • Be informal. Use anecdotes. Be funny when appropriate. The post must be readable and easy to understand.
    • Avoid cursing, colloquialisms, or controversial language, including political opinions. (Remember, this is a professional blog.)
    • Always write positively. E.g. “Sales improve with friendly and clear marketing language”. Not “Sales decline rapidly with confusing and hostile marketing language.”
    • Be considerate when writing about people. Avoid mentioning age, gender, sex, race, disability or illnesses/conditions unless it is relevant to the subject at hand. Use gender neutral titles (police officer, not policeman). Blind, deaf, gay, lesbian, etc. are used as adjectives or modifiers, not nouns.
  • Style is flexible if content is relevant and useful.
Audience & Topics
  • Posts should cater to anyone who runs, manages, or makes decisions for an online business.
    • It’s okay to speak to a specific niche of people in that audience. (For example, “Common Revenue Drains for eCommerce Clothing Stores”)
    • Assume your audience has a basic understanding of technology, retail, and fraud. Explain any technical jargon used and do not assume the reader is an expert in their field.
    • Offer tips and helpful suggestions. Actionable information will keep the reader engaged longer.
  • All relevant topics will be considered. Example topic categories include:
    • Fraud/Fraud Prevention
    • Analytics
    • eCommerce (management, cross-border sales, laws and regulations, etc.)
    • Digital Advertising
    • Website Performance
    • Online Security and Payments
  • Content should be timely but as evergreen as possible.
SEO Considerations
  • Avoid overusing the same key phrases. Use synonyms and varied phrasing to avoid too much repetition.
  • Use links from sources that will not be broken shortly after posting.
  • Make the headline match the content. If the topic is eCommerce Revenue, make sure the focus of the article is about that rather than other eCommerce issues.
  • If there are specific keywords you would like to be tagged, please provide them.
  • NS8 has a very particular artistic style. If there are images, charts, graphs, infographics, or photos that you recommend be included in your post, please provide them or a link. NS8 reserves the right to change the images at any time or post our own alongside your work.
Author Bio
  • Provide name, title, company, and a brief biography of no more than 150 words.
  • Include an email and all professional social links.
  • A headshot to be used with the article should be included in your submission.
  • NS8 reserves the right to post all or any portion of the provided author information with the post.