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Tips for a successful Shopify store

You’ve got your ecommerce store up and running in Shopify. Drive more traffic to your store with these helpful tips.

Assessing user risk factors to prevent fraud

Learn how to prevent fraud by spotting the risk factors associated with suspicious users and understanding what they mean.

Layer technology without interrupting the ecommerce customer experience

With technology advancing, it’s essential to plan for new integrations. Learn how to use layered technology to optimize the ecommerce customer experience.

Technology you need now for a better ecommerce customer experience

Every store needs the right tools to provide the best ecommerce customer experience. Check out our infographic about the technology your company should be investing in right now.

Ad fraud during the rise of ecommerce

As ecommerce rises, so does ad fraud. With conflicting reports about ad fraud coming from experts, learn more about the facts and what you can do.

What to look for when reviewing an order for potential fraud

Our Order Review page provides a comprehensive overview of each order. Learn how to interpret the data on this page and incorporate it into your manual review.

Balancing customer privacy with a personalized experience

Companies, consumers, and governments have spent years debating the risks and benefits of using data for personalized experiences. Understanding how to properly balance your customer’s privacy with a great experience can help increase trust in your brand. Check out our…

Most common ad fraud schemes to be aware of

As more companies invest heavily in online advertising, it’s beneficial to understand how ad fraud can affect that investment. Learn about common schemes and how your budget may be wasted to protect your company from losses due to fraud.

Accessibility: Is your website compliant?

Before websites were widely used, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) went into effect. Get the facts about accessibility for online businesses and learn how to become compliant.

Smart retargeting with NS8’s custom tools

Don't spend extra money on targeting fraudulent traffic. Instead, block that traffic and focus on retargeting more legitimate users. We'll show you how you can use our fraud detection technology to determine the best place to spend your advertising dollars.

3 ways to holistically evaluate advertising campaigns to ensure success

The end-game of every business is growth. Your organization's ads serve as a bountiful vessel for growth—ads serve many purposes, and they all affect the bottom line in some capacity. This means that Return on Investment (ROI) must be positive.…

Monitor your ecommerce store’s performance with NS8

Website performance monitoring lets you know how well your site is running. NS8 can help you make sure that your website hasn't fallen into the hands of hackers, your certificates are valid, and nothing negative is impacting your site's performance…

1 – 12 of 71