4 Tips for Minimizing Ad Fraud

4 Tips for Minimizing Ad Fraud

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As more data becomes available showing how widespread digital ad fraud is, more companies are looking to invest in ways to prevent it. With an estimated cost of around $58 billion this year, ad fraud is a costly problem that needs to be addressed. However, by making just a few changes, you can identify click fraud, impression fraud, and other potential advertising issues.

So, here’s how you can make sure your company is protected:

  1. Check the quality of your ad publishers.
    Are your ad publishers providing the best traffic?
    There are reputable ad publishers out there with high-quality traffic, but others (knowingly or unknowingly) provide poor quality impressions, such as ads that aren’t even visible to real users or are largely exposed to bot traffic. These ads are a complete waste of your advertising budget, so you want to monitor your campaigns to ensure that the ad publishers are getting you valuable impressions.

  2. Use your analytics.
    Are there patterns in your data that point toward fraud?
    Your data may show more than you think. If you see an influx of traffic at the same time every day with no corresponding rise in sales, you likely have bot traffic invading your site. These bots could be drawing retargeting ads, which can quickly drain your retargeting budget by abusing whatever metric you have in place to separate out those normally “high value” users.

  3. Monitor your brand reputation.
    Have you noticed customers complaining about your ads online?
    Social media can be your friend when tracking where your ads are showing up. For instance, observant customers will often complain on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or other social networks if they notice brands advertising on sites that include controversial or adult content. This can be an indicator that your ads are not appearing where they are supposed to be.

  4. Vary your strategy.
    Do you have multiple ways to combat ad fraud?
    In recent years, there have been numerous advances in ad fraud protection and new innovations continue to be developed. Your company should be prepared to take advantage of the latest detection methods to assess the quality of your ongoing ad campaigns so you can re-allocate your budget accordingly.

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