Rest Api

Powerful REST API

Easily integrate NS8's real-time data into sites, services, mobile applications, and security frameworks.

NS8 Data Services’ intelligence and scoring API provides the ability to get real-time, accurate intel into your service. It uses a standard REST interface that returns a JSON object with the profile data. It can be integrated into any major platform.

Data Sets

IP Intelligence

Leverage NS8’s core fraud detection and threat analysis capabilities to secure your App or services.

User Device Intelligence

A unique data set that provides real-time user and Device intelligence information from a number of sources.

IP Geo Intelligence

Match your service’s users by current real-time location or their historical location with this extensive data set.

Market Intelligence

Access the most comprehensive technology share utilization data on the Internet.

EQ8 Detector

The EQ8 Score

We score everything we see. You score an easy way to improve the functionality of your service.

The easiest way to make use of NS8’s data sets is to use the EQ8 score. The EQ8 engine inspects and scores everything that passes through it, returning a simple number between 0 and 1000. This number is fully accessible through the API to allow your service to make informed decisions.

EQ8 Scale

0 through 375

Very Bad - Bad

NS8 identified a bot session or detected an attempt at deception. A high number of deceptive flags in a session will result in a lower score.

376 through 624


A neutral score can mean that a mix of weighted good and bad attributes were discovered, or in rare cases, no attributes were discovered. Neutral is below good on the scale and should be considered as such.

625 through 1000

Good - Excellent

NS8 identified enough positive attributes to determine that there is a real human behind the session. Each data set includes the relevant attributes through the API for use in your service.

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Global View

NS8’s cloud-based platform has been deployed worldwide to supply our customers with valuable fraud detection, monitoring, and scoring data.

Our platform gathers information from over 300,000 websites, monitoring networks, and browser extensions to provide users with the most comprehensive view of our fully customizable data sets.

Global Reach
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