Reduce false positives and approve more orders

Our fraud protection and site monitoring platform allows you to approve more orders and minimize false declines without negatively affecting conversions.

Revenue-boosting defenses

Reduce the impact of fraud on your business and increase your bottom line—without blocking legitimate customers. Customize order rules to your unique business needs and help keep buyers in your funnel.

End-to-end protection for e-commerce

Order fraud protection

Separate fraudsters from legitimate customers by analyzing every action a user takes and increase acceptance rates with confidence.

Advertising fraud protection

Direct your retargeting budget away from bots and toward real customers by evaluating traffic from advertising campaigns.

Site performance monitoring

Set alerts for website performance problems and unexpected downtime so you can handle issues before they affect your customers.


Cost-effective protection

Internal fraud protection can be costly and time-consuming to implement. Our platform provides industry-leading time-to-value.

Real-time scoring

User scores continuously update based on both behavioral analytics and static data points, which work together to catch more fraudulent traffic.

Less invalid traffic

By identifying and blocking more fraud from campaigns, websites can reduce the overall amount of invalid traffic.

Decreased downtime costs

Escalating outage alerts help decrease labor costs and customer losses by letting you get ahead of unexpected downtime.

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