Did You Know:

  • The True Cost of Order Fraud?

    Order fraud costs many businesses more than they realize with hidden costs adding up. More »

  • Fraud Costs Merchants More than 7.5% of Their Annual Revenue?

    Fraud can be the main reason many stores struggle to maximize their revenue. More »

  • Percentage of Ad Budgets Stolen by Fraud?

    Many advertisers struggle to get a high ROI on a digital campaign, and ad fraud may be why. More »

  • Global Economic Losses Due to Digital Ad Fraud Top $6 Billion?

    Ad fraud is an expensive drain for everyone in the digital advertising market. More »

  • One in Five Websites are Built Specifically for Fraud?

    Cash out sites can drain an advertising budget before a company even realizes there's a problem. More »

  • Advertising Fraud Is Very Profitable?

    With cheap traffic readily available, ad fraud is unlikely to die out anytime soon. More »

  • That Programmatic Ad Spending could top $38 Billion?

    The programmatic ad buying process may be fast, but it can also be problematic. More »

  • Half of Online Traffic Is Bots?

    Both useful and malicious bots scour the internet everyday, affecting all businesses. More »

  • A Quarter of Publishers Can Not Detect Non-human Traffic?

    Bots are so prevalent that knowing when they view an advertisement is necessary to avoid ad fraud. More »

  • A Slow Webpage Can Cost You 7% of Your Sales?

    Website performance issues can have a big impact, making monitoring an important task. More »

  • 60% of Users Fear Unsecure Sites?

    SSL and TSL certificate expirations can have a bigger impact than many businesses realize. More »

What is:

  • Chargeback Fraud?

    Learn about fraudulent transactions and what their hidden costs may be. More »

  • Retargeting Fraud?

    See a simplified explanation of how retargeting fraud occurs and why it works. More »

  • Audience Segmentation?

    Understand how audience segmentation is necessary for stopping click fraud. More »

  • Certificate Monitoring?

    Discover more about how certificate expirations can cause trouble and revenue losses for businesses. More »

  • Block List Monitoring?

    Find out how block lists work and what to do about being block listed. More »

  • Real User Monitoring?

    Learn how to check the individual experiences for each of your site’s users. More »

  • Uptime Monitoring?

    Avoiding downtime should be a key goal for every online business to ensure costs stay low. More »

  • Bots??

    Wondering what those bots you keep hearing about are? Find out in our overview. More »

  • A False Decline?

    Denying real customers is every retailer's worst nightmare. Learn about false declines and how to avoid them. More »

  • A Manual Review?

    Understanding the order review process is vital to any eCommerce store. Understand how manual reviews work and how to optimize them. More »

  • An Impression?

    Digital advertising can be confusing. If you're wondering what impressions are and why they matter, we're here to help. More »

  • An Order Rule?

    Order rules can streamline your order review process. Get to know what they are and how they can help in this article. More »

  • Campaign Tracking?

    Trying to determine how campaign tracking works? We've got you covered with this guide. More »

  • Click Fraud?

    Ad fraud can eat into a company's budget. Learn how the fraudsters steal money with this explanation of click fraud. More »

  • Device Fingerprinting?

    Device fingerprinting is used to identify electronic devices on the internet. Learn what characteristics comprise the core of each fingerprint. More »

  • User Agent Spoofing?

    Like most technical jargon, the term user agent is often used but not explained. See why you should care about user agent spoofing. More »


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