Published June 18, 2018

What is an Order Rule?

An order rule is a capability within a fraud prevention system that allows eCommerce storeowners to automate how an order is handled if certain conditions are met.

Order rules are usually fairly simple, but they can be customized by merchants to automatically quarantine or fulfill certain orders depending on the details of the order.

For instance, if a given merchant knows that they don’t want to ship their goods to a particular range of IP addresses or a certain set of countries, then orders originating from these locations can be automatically quarantined without any further effort from the merchant. This makes order rules valuable because they allow merchants to streamline the manual review and fulfillment process for all eCommerce transactions.

The other reason that order rules are valuable for eCommerce merchants is because they allow companies to tailor their fraud prevention measures to the particular needs of their individual business.

An example of this could be that if a merchant’s average order size is around $75, they might want to set up rules that would automatically flag any order over $1,000 as suspect. However, a merchant who sells high-end luxury goods might find such a rule useless, and they might want a different setup to ensure their fraud prevention tools don’t get in the way of their real customers.

With NS8 Protect, merchants can use order rules to focus resources wherever they are needed most. This means that instead of utilizing labor intensive manual reviews that can eat up hours of employee time, orders can be automatically fulfilled or canceled based on certain attributes of the order.

To create an order rule, all merchants need to do is go to the Order Rules creation page on the NS8 Protect dashboard and choose an attribute from the given drop-down list to start. Then, they can choose the level for the attribute and the action that should be taken.

As order rules can be added and removed at any time, NS8 Protect users can adjust their fraud protection thresholds whenever necessary. Merchants also have the option to automate SMS verification requests for any order that falls within a certain risk threshold, allowing them to quickly confirm that the order is genuine by having the user verify the order.

After that point, orders that then need further investigation can be manually reviewed by the merchant. The enhanced dashboard enables merchants to see any orders that are flagged as suspect, and they can view each order individually to see whether they want to fulfill the order.

The end result is that this process not only saves both valuable time and resources, but it gives merchants much greater control over the order process.

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