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NS8 digital website case study advance analytics
Deep analytics help online marketplace streamline fraud decisioning

As their volume of orders grew to thousands each month, realized their existing fraud solution lacked the necessary data for them to conduct timely reliable reviews. To keep pace with skyrocketing demand for their products, they turned to NS8 for help.

NS8 digital websiteCaseStudy ProtectOrderRules
Order rules boost bottom line for designer bag company

Like many ecommerce companies, Lily Jade was struggling to balance fraud prevention with the need to not deny any of their good customers. Looking for a fraud prevention solution that would offer them customizable options at an affordable price, they came to NS8.

NS8 digital website caseStudy protectSmsVerification
Designer swimsuit company thwarts fraud with SMS verification

With no verification tools in place, ViX PAULA HERMANNY was leaving the door open to potential fraud. Implementing SMS verification through NS8 made it possible to block fraudulent orders without losing revenue from real customers, protecting their bottom line.

NS8 digital website caseStudy NS8 protectOrderFraud
Health food company cuts out ad and order fraud

When fraudulent orders grew to the equivalent of over half their monthly online revenue, LonoLife needed a solution, fast. By using NS8, they identified the source of their fraudulent traffic and eradicated it.

NS8 digital website caseStudy chargebackReduction
Chargeback reduction across 7 industries

Chargeback fraud now accounts for one of the biggest segments of ecommerce fraud losses. Learn how NS8 helped reduce chargeback ratios across seven different industries.