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Increase your value to your clients with NS8’s collection of monitoring, analytics, and fraud protection products.

The NS8 Partner Program pays 30% commissions for customers referred to any of our products for the first year. After that, we pay up to 30%* for the lifetime of the customer.

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We handle all technical support questions directly from your clients via email and phone. Support is also provided to partners who manage their client’s projects.

No Partnership Fees

The Partner Program is completely free to join. There are no fees or barriers to create or maintain an account.


All referred customers show up immediately in your partner dashboard, even if the customer is using a trial period. All customers, transactions, commissions, and payments are also available in the partner dashboard.

Products that pay commissions

NS8 Protect Logo

NS8 Protect

NS8 Protect safeguards eCommerce merchants from the three big revenue killers: advertising fraud, order fraud, and poor performance. As a platform based approach to online threat reduction, it uses industry-leading techniques to identify bots and other malicious activity that can negatively impact your client's revenue.
Target clients: Platform eCommerce Merchants (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Thirty bees, Big Commerce)
  • Available on your favorite platform
  • Multilayer Fraud Protection
  • Advertising Campaign Optimization
  • Eliminate Retargeting Fraud
  • Decrease Chargebacks
  • Dynamic Order Rules
  • Performance Monitoring
NS8 StayLive logo

NS8 StayLive is an easy to use monitoring and alerting solution designed to safeguard the stability and reputation of your client's business. It combines a global network of monitoring stations as well as real user tracking to report on global uptime, availability and performance.
Target clients: Website Operators, IaaS Providers, IT Professionals, IT Managers, Developers, Webmasters
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Fraud Detection
  • Real User Performance
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Certificate Validity
  • Blocklist Monitoring
NS8 TrueStats logo

NS8 TrueStats is a real-time analytics and conversion tracking application that uses 174 different attributes to give your client crucial insights about their real customers. As well as tracking how customers engage with your client's business, TrueStats focuses on restricting invalid traffic by detecting bot activity and other fraud-based attributes.
Target clients: Web Publishers, Digital Media Buyers, Marketing Director, Marketing Analysis
  • Comprehensive User Analytics
  • Realtime User Scoring
  • Campaign Fraud Scoring
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Over 174 Attributes Tracked
NS8 Data Services logo

NS8 Data Services

NS8 Data Services provides our data and EQ8 scoring through a convenient REST API. Your client's service, website or application can use any combination of the IP Intelligence, User Device Intelligence, IP Geo Intelligence, and Market Intelligence data sets to make real-time decisions.
Target clients: Website Operators, Web Publishers, eCommerce Merchants, App Developers
  • Powerful REST API
  • Real-time User Scoring
  • Pre-render Actionable Intelligence
  • 4 Robust Data Sets
  • IP Intelligence
  • User Device Intelligence
  • IP Geo Intelligence
  • Device Market Share Intelligence
Easy referral system
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When you sign up, you will get a partner ID. To get credit for an account, simply refer your customers to any of our products by using a link with the partner ID query string parameter. This will store your partner ID with the cookie on the user's computer and any accounts created from then on will be credited to your partner account.

Earn referral commissions as an
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