NS8 Protect Integrated with Shopify Flow eCommerce Automation Platform

NS8 Protect Integrated with Shopify Flow eCommerce Automation Platform

NS8 is pleased to announce that its flagship product, NS8 Protect™ (formerly known as Complete Storefront Protection), has been integrated as a connector with the Shopify Flow eCommerce automation platform and is now available for download in the Shopify App Store.  

NS8 Protect defends eCommerce shops from order fraud, advertising fraud, and reliability issues. Shopify Flow, which is available exclusively for Shopify Plus storefronts, enables merchants to quickly automate important tasks that accelerate business outcomes. 

Some of the tasks that can be automated in Shopify Flow's visual workflow builder include tagging high-value customers, flagging and cancelling high-risk orders, sending reordering requests when inventory levels become low, and identifying and adding tags to products based on their title or stock keeping unit (SKU).  

Once activated as a Shopify Plus connector, NS8 Protect triggers can protect revenues and notify merchants when orders associated with potentially high risk have been processed.  

The NS8 Protect connector enables Shopify Plus merchants to start and end workflows with triggers or actions that they have programmed into their stores. Merchants can create workflows with any combination of triggers and actions, whether they are from Shopify Plus or NS8 Protect.  

For additional information on integrating NS8 Protect with Shopify Flow, please visit the NS8.com Help Center.  

About NS8 

NS8 provides eCommerce software solutions designed to safeguard businesses against advertising fraud, transaction fraud, and poor site performance. NS8 protects against threats and offers better insight into real customers by utilizing behavioral analytics, real-time user scoring, and global monitoring.  

Available through easy-to-install plugins on multiple platforms, NS8’s software solutions empower merchants to quickly minimize risk while better automating fraud management and realizing savings throughout the customer lifecycle.