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Case Study

Advanced analytics help online marketplace streamline fraud decisioning

Published September 30, 2019, an online marketplace for urban streetwear, experienced a surge in sales and was forced to commit excessive amounts of time to order review. By turning to NS8 Protect, they were able to access advanced analytics and identify risk factors to better segment their orders and accelerate fraud decisioning.

Significant Outcomes:

  • SMS

    Reduced order review time by 50% on thousands of monthly orders

  • Piggy Bank

    Using NS8 Protect insights, achieved nearly a 95% approval rate

  • Target

    Saved over $40,000 not processing fraudulent orders

The Problem:

As their volume of orders grew to thousands each month, quickly realized their existing fraud solution lacked the necessary data for them to conduct timely reliable reviews. In order to keep pace with skyrocketing demand for their products, they turned to NS8 for help.

The Solution:

Through consultation with the NS8 Client Success team, took advantage of a free trial of NS8 Protect to learn how order rules could help them consider a wider range of attributes and risk factors than they previously had access to. After going live with the solution, leveraged the robust insights and functionality of the application to segment high-risk orders from low-risk ones.

By configuring order rules to consider such attributes as NS8’s proprietary EQ8 Scores, AVS and CVV result codes, payment risks, order prices, and billing and shipping locations, was able to segment their orders according to varying risk levels. They also automated approvals and rejections for those orders where no further review was necessary.

The Outcome:

After adopting NS8 Protect, was able to reduce the amount of time they spent reviewing orders by 50%. Through use of clear dashboards that presented them with EQ8 Scores, risk factors, user details, and session details for every order, they gained a much faster and clearer understanding of which purchases posed the greatest risks. In their first four months of using NS8’s solution, they also approved nearly 95% of the orders that they received, while stopping more than $40,000 in suspicious purchase attempts.

Using NS8 Protect has given us access to a lot more data and allowed our workflows to move much faster. NS8 has all the tools, and their scalable pricing makes NS8 Protect the best option for our company.

- Michael Sherwood, Chief Operating Officer

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