Stop bad traffic from eating your advertising dollars

Use advanced analytics to identify where your bad traffic is coming from so you can optimize underperforming advertising campaigns and block invalid traffic.

Click fraud detection

Recognize bad traffic generated by click fraud and pinpoint where it's coming from. Determine which campaigns are bringing in high-quality traffic and adjust any campaigns that are not attracting real prospects.

Retargeting optimization

Avoid wasting adverising dollars on bots and invalid traffic by automatically blocking fraudulent users from retargeting campaigns. Set custom thresholds to manage your own risk tolerance.

Campaign scoring

Effectively manage your advertising efforts by measuring campaigns across multiple data points. Use our customizable dashboards to see how your campaigns compare in user scores, number of users, overall orders, suspicious orders, and total revenue generated.

Benefits of ad fraud protection

More Focused Campaigns

Integration with Google Analytics provides additional data about your audience that can be used when creating new campaigns.

Less invalid traffic

By identifying and blocking more fraud from campaigns, websites can reduce the overall amount of invalid traffic.

Segmented Audiences

When equipped with more robust data, marketing teams can create audience segments that are more relevant to their specific industries.

Conversion Tracking

Understand what converts with easy-to-understand dashboards that track multiple KPIs to provide a complete look at every campaign.

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7 order rules you should be using
7 order rules you should be using

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