Fortalece Tus Defensas

Reduce el fraude y optimiza tu sitio web con NS8.

Nuestras soluciones flexibles pueden ayudar a las empresas en línea a defenderse de las pérdidas de ingresos más comunes. Deje de dejar que el fraude acabe con su balance final.

Orden de protección contra el fraude

Aprobar más pedidos mientras se sigue eliminando el fraude. Mejore su balance final con una puntuación de riesgo rápida y precisa hoy.

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Protección Contra el Fraude Publicitario

Reconocer y prevenir formas comunes de fraude publicitario. Proteja sus dólares de anuncios y mejore sus campañas ahora.

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Site performance monitoring

Set alerts for unexpected downtime, certificate expirations, and other performance problems, which helps keep your site running smoothly and lets you address issues before they affect your users.

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Cost-effective protection

Internal fraud protection can be costly and time-consuming to implement. Our platform provides industry-leading time-to-value.

Real-time scoring

User scores continuously update based on both behavioral analytics and static data points, which work together to catch more fraudulent traffic.

Less invalid traffic

By identifying and blocking more fraud from campaigns, websites can reduce the overall amount of invalid traffic.

Decreased downtime costs

Escalating outage alerts help decrease labor costs and customer losses by letting you get ahead of unexpected downtime.

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7 order rules you should be using
7 order rules you should be using

Order rules allow you to automate all or part of your fraud prevention strategy. While some will be specific to your industry and risk factors, here are seven order rules any company can use.

Chargeback reduction across 7 industries
Case Study
Chargeback reduction across 7 industries

Chargeback fraud now accounts for one of the biggest segments of e-commerce fraud losses. Learn how NS8 helped reduce chargeback ratios across seven different industries.

9 tips for holiday e-commerce success
9 tips for holiday e-commerce success

Make sure you are fully prepared for the holiday season with these nine tips that will help set you up for success during the busiest shopping time of the year.