Block fraud, not legitimate customers

Cut down on false positives and reduce the need for manual review by utilizing smarter tools to weed out fraud.

Real-time scoring

Rather than waiting until checkout to provide a risk score, our scoring engine continuously updates its analysis as each user interacts with your site. This means that you can evaluate all users, not just customers who make a purchase.

Behavioral analytics

Go beyond static data points to analyze behavior and pre-session data, which includes how users arrive to your site and how they behave once they get there. Our algorithm continuously adapts to new fraud behavior patterns, and compiles hundreds of data points in real-time so you can make better decisions about fraud.

Identity verification

Utilize SMS, email, and other verification steps as well as third-party integrations to verify suspect orders. The level of impact on the user can be customized and is adjustable based on the score each user is given.

Benefits of order fraud protection

Real-time scoring

User scores continuously update based on both behavioral analytics and static data points, which work together to catch more fraudulent traffic.

Behavioral Analytics

Payment data and known attributes are combined with behavioral analytics to provide a more holistic view of each user.

Pre-session Data

Pre-session data helps to catch fraud earlier by identifying the patterns of each user based on the actions that lead them to your site.

Cost-effective protection

Internal fraud protection can be costly and time-consuming to implement. Our platform provides industry-leading time-to-value.

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