Ekata Identity Check

Validate NS8’s fraud score with trusted, third-party data. Ekata compiles customer data from over 170 countries and provides key information about the people making purchases from your store.

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Ekata Identity Check is exclusively available for the full edition of NS8. It is not available for NS8 Starter edition. Using Ekata may incur additional usage charges. For more information, review your billing plan.

Ekata provides global identity verification via custom and off-the-shelf solutions.

Their suite of products is powered by the Ekata Identity Engine that uses complex machine learning to provide the standard in global identity verification.

With a vision to endlessly innovate with identity, Ekata helps ecommerce companies grow their revenue by maximizing the predictability of good transactions.

What is Ekata Identity Check?

Instead of manually reviewing multiple websites and databases, the Ekata extension quickly gives you a confidence score with detailed results. Ekata helps locate anomalies in the customer’s name, phone number, addresses, and email records.

Why use Ekata Identity Check?

Ekata lets you approve more orders in less time than it takes to perform a manual review. Quickly confirm customer identities using a trusted source and only perform manual reviews when necessary.

How does Ekata Identity Check Work?

Ekata compares the order details to a vast knowledge base and returns a score between 0 and 500. This score identifies risky orders that have a value closer to 500, and non-risky orders with a value closer to zero.


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