Verifi Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network

Solve pending chargebacks directly in NS8. Immediately resolve disputes with the Verifi extension before they become official chargebacks that could cost you fees or penalties.

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Verifi CDRN is available exclusively for the full edition of NS8. It's not available for NS8 Starter edition. Using Verifi CDRN may incur additional usage charges. For more information, review your billing plan.

Since 2005, Verifi has been a trusted provider of end-to-end payment protection and management solutions.

Verifi is recognized throughout its industry for its expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to helping merchants safeguard their revenue.

Verifi CEO and founder, Mathew Katz, says, “We founded the company with one basic premise - to help our clients protect their payments and boost their profits.”

What is Verifi?

Verifi provides different payment protection and management solutions to ecommerce merchants. Within NS8, merchants can use the Verifi extension to quickly resolve potentially costly chargebacks.

Why use Verifi?

Verifi works with merchants to provide solutions that are scalable to their business needs. Verifi is dedicated to creating simple solutions that deliver value, which sets the company apart from other payment protection solutions.

How does Verifi work?

Verifi works with a large network of payment processors and banks. This allows it to give merchants advanced notice of potential disputes so they can resolve them before they turn into chargebacks.


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