Detect and prevent online fraud

We evaluate users from the moment their sessions begin, so you can better identify risky behavior and stop fraudulent transactions before they happen.

Real-time risk analysis

Protect the entire customer journey for your merchants. Use customizable risk scoring that can be inserted into any workflow to effectively flag transactions for verification based on the rules you define.

A holistic approach to fraud prevention

Order fraud protection

Separate fraudsters from legitimate customers by analyzing every action a user takes and increase acceptance rates with confidence.

Advertising fraud protection

Direct your retargeting budget away from bots and toward real customers by evaluating traffic from advertising campaigns.

Site performance monitoring

Set alerts for website performance problems and unexpected downtime so you can handle issues before they affect your customers.


Cost-effective protection

Internal fraud protection can be costly and time-consuming to implement. Our platform provides industry-leading time-to-value.

Quick Approval

With fraud prevention solutions in place, transactions can be approved quickly without excessive vetting.

Session-Level Scoring

In addition to payment information, behavior and pre-session data are analyzed for a more complete review of each user.

Expanded Payment Data Sets

Supplement information from additional data providers and analyze users based shared data sets from multiple sources.

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