Published March 9, 2018

The economic impact of fraudulent bot traffic in digital advertising offers a painful reminder to eCommerce merchants that they must understand the quality of traffic that advertising campaigns are delivering to their online stores.

“The overall economic losses due to digital advertising fraud for 2017 are estimated to be $6.5 billion globally.” 1

-  White Ops / ANA Study "Bot Baseline 2016-2017" study

To make matters worse, 25% of publishers that run ads on their site have no way of even detecting non-human traffic.2 This means that often, buyers of these ads have little-to-no transparency on their ads capability of actually reaching real end users, let alone whether or not those views convert to actual sales.

Furthermore, 1 in 5 of all websites are a “cash-out” site, built specifically for fraudulent activity.1 These sites attract virtually no traffic other than bot visitors, and they are built with the sole intention of eating into advertising budgets.

This is why businesses need to ensure as much as possible that their budgets are not being wasted on advertising and retargeting campaigns that deliver fraudulent bot traffic.

The only solution to this problem is to keep the fraudsters from getting at your ad budgets - directing resources away from poorly performing ad campaigns and blocking bots from being tagged in your remarketing efforts.


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