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A Day with Shopify - Melbourne

Last week, NS8 journeyed to Melbourne as title sponsors for the final stop of the “A Day with Shopify” event.

Last week, NS8 journeyed to Melbourne as title sponsors for the final stop of the “A Day with Shopify” event. This last part of the strip was organized at the magnificent Deakin Edge glass theatre overlooking the Alexandra gardens, and focused on scaling business development projects with custom app development and improved user experiences.

During the trip, there were a number of interesting talks worth highlighting as key moments for the event. For instance, Dylan Whitman at BVAccel talked about the challenges of scaling a Shopify agency business over the last few years, while Bodog Olah at Createur talked about some of the steps to overcome “scope creep” with new project implementation. In terms of app development, Gavin Ballard from Disco Labs gave some practical tips to deploying and maintaining new apps for clients, and he gave a few pointers as to how firms can design and build new apps with partnerships in mind.

Being title sponsors for the trip, NS8 was eager to discuss some of the best practices for fraud prevention, and with the holiday season in full swing, transaction fraud was a big concern for several event participants. “Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw some serious sales volume for eCommerce merchants, with Shopify stores seeing over a billion dollars over the last week alone” said Adam Rogas, CEO of NS8. “But with a high number of transactions comes great potential for fraud, and with the enormous pressure to meet growing consumer demand, it’s important for many businesses to have in place the fraud prevention measures they need to safeguard their business.”

With the last stop on the Day with Shopify tour now over, NS8 just wants to thank all of our partners and customers that we’ve had to the opportunity to meet with at events this year. In 2018, NS8 will be looking forward to attending several events around the globe, particularly the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) Vegas event running from March 19th to March 22nd. If you’re thinking of joining us for at any of our upcoming events, feel free to get in touch, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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