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NS8 Announces Integration of Complete Storefront Protection with PrestaShop

Announcing the integration of NS8 Complete Storefront Protection with PrestaShop

NS8 Inc, a provider of premium eCommerce software solutions, today announces integration of our Complete Storefront Protection with PrestaShop’s eCommerce platform.

Offered as a pay-as-you-go extension to PrestaShop’s 250,000 worldwide storefronts, Complete Storefront Protection is designed to protect online businesses from advertising fraud, order fraud, and reputational issues. With industry-leading techniques for identifying bots and malicious activity on websites, Complete Storefront Protection utilizes a combination of an EQ8 scoring system and advanced user analytics to both filter bad users on the site and identify new revenue opportunities.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring our latest fraud protection suite to the PrestaShop online platform,” said Adam Rogas, CEO of NS8. “PrestaShop’s open-source software has allowed millions of users to quickly and easily run their online storefronts, but with that great worldwide expansion comes greater exposure to fraud and other risks that people may not be aware of. With Complete Storefront Protection, merchants can safeguard their business and receive alerts to any threats in real-time, resulting in both serious cost savings and some crucial peace-of-mind.”

Fraud is becoming an increasing problem for eCommerce store owners. Last year, 4 billion dollars were lost to online fraud, and in most of these cases, storeowners had few safeguards to filter the bad users of their site. NS8 Complete Storefront Protection can help many of these businesses fight against fraud, guarding them against everything from bots, account theft, and chargebacks to promo abuse, campaign boosting, API abuse and more.

In addition to helping combat fraud directly, this solution also tracks and examines data to assist future fraud prevention, allowing merchants to examine common patterns and future-proof their business. As Rogas explains, “Preventing bad users is only the first step towards protecting an online business. What users really want to know is how these tools can save them money in the long run, which is why NS8 Complete Storefront Protection clearly identifies your monthly savings. This helps users redirect their marketing efforts because you aren’t wasting thousands of dollars targeting bots, allowing you to focus on the real customers and generate greater sales as a result.”

As a downloadable plugin extension, the NS8 Complete Storefront Protection is available now through PrestaShop’s online application store.

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