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NS8 Announces WooCommerce Partnership

NS8 is pleased to announce its partnership with leading eCommerce platform provider WooCommerce.

As a result of these latest developments, NS8 is better able to safeguard retailers on the WooCommerce platform from the threats posed by online fraud. Merchants can now find NS8 Complete Storefront Protection available on the WooCommerce extensions page , as well as via the plug-ins section of the merchant dashboard.

NS8 Complete Storefront Protection offers eCommerce merchants protection against the three biggest revenue killers: advertising fraud, order fraud, and performance or reputational issues. This solution helps businesses by scoring traffic all the way from their advertising campaigns to the checkout in order to identify suspect users and reduce fraudulent orders.

In addition to preventing online fraud, NS8 Complete Storefront Protection also helps each store provide a better experience to their customers by offering early detection of performance issues for visitors from all over the globe.

“With NS8 Complete Storefront Protection already integrated into their service via WordPress, WooCommerce was a natural fit as a partner for us here at NS8,” said Adam Rogas, CEO of NS8. “Our new partnership will better position us to help more eCommerce stores defend themselves from online fraud, maximize their revenue, and create a better experience for their customers. We’re looking forward to working with WooCommerce to provide even more tools and better protection capabilities in the future.”

As one of the leading platforms for eCommerce store owners worldwide, WooCommerce provides merchants with enormous flexibility when it comes to building and customizing their online store. With so many features available, merchants can benefit from dedicated customer support, safe and secure payment options, and numerous plug-in options that are available via the WooCommerce extensions page.

For more information or details about how NS8 can help merchants stay safe on the WooCommerce platform, please visit

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