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Whitepages Pro Integrated into NS8 Protect for Shopify Platforms 

The identity check features of Whitepages Pro have been integrated into NS8 Protect™ for users of the Shopify eCommerce platforms.

NS8 is pleased to announce the integration of Whitepages Pro and its identity check features into NS8 Protect™ for users of the Shopify eCommerce platforms. NS8 Protect defends eCommerce shops against order fraud, advertising fraud, and reliability issues.  

The Whitepages Pro integration now enables merchants to check the identity of people attempting to make an online purchase by matching core digital and traditional data attributes to names associated with an order. Stores can then use this information to reduce the likelihood of false declines and detect potentially fraudulent activity before it becomes a problem.  

NS8 Protect offers the Whitepages Pro verification to Shopify merchants via the main dashboard. Users can simply go to the settings page and turn on the new capability or run Whitepages Pro checks on an individual case basis.  

NS8 Protect utilizes NS8’s proprietary EQ8 Scoring Engine™ to evaluate multiple attributes associated with an order and issue an EQ8 Score to determine its likelihood for fraud. Now with the Whitepages Pro integration into NS8 Protect, Shopify merchants can get a more complete picture of the identity behind a transaction by reviewing email, phone, person, address, and IP attributes. Each order reviewed with Whitepages Pro issues a Confidence Score powered by real-time global data, machine learning, and network insights. 

Shopify merchants who utilize NS8 Protect have the ability to run checks on any orders that fall within a certain threshold, which helps companies reduce their manual reviews by focusing only on grey-area cases where fraud is possible, but not completely certain. The additional insights provided by the Whitepages Pro integration further strengthens merchants’ ability to accurately reject fraudulent transactions while protecting good orders that come from legitimate customers. 

For additional information on the integration of Whitepages Pro into NS8 Protect, please visit the NS8 Help Center. 

*About NS8 Inc.  *

NS8 provides eCommerce software solutions designed to safeguard businesses against advertising fraud, transaction fraud, and poor site performance. NS8 protects against threats and offers better insight into real customers by utilizing behavioral analytics, real-time user scoring, and global monitoring.  

Available through easy-to-install plugins on multiple platforms, NS8’s software solutions empower merchants to quickly minimize risk while better automating fraud management and realizing savings throughout the customer lifecycle.

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