Protect your BigCommerce store with NS8

Our comprehensive fraud prevention platform allows you to secure your transactions without negatively affecting conversions.

Fight fraud with intelligence

Leverage advanced data analytics and real-time scoring to outsmart threats and approve more orders. Focus on growing your business without the fear of fraud.

All the tools you need to safeguard your revenue

Reduce the impact of fraud on your business and increase your bottom line without blocking legitimate customers. Customize order rules to your unique business needs and help keep buyers in your funnel.

Complete protection for ecommerce and more

Focus on the growth of your business without worrying about risk and fraud.
Holistic data
Holistic data

From device fingerprinting to behavioral analytics, our scoring algorithm considers over 170 factors to determine whether a transaction is fraudulent.

Session-level scoring
Session-level scoring

In addition to payment information, user behavior and pre-session data are analyzed for a more complete review of each user.

Cost-effective protection
Cost-effective protection

Where other fraud prevention services require a significant amount of time and money before providing a return on investment, our platform grants results immediately.

Fraud detection and prevention made easy

All Orders Scored

Receive risk scores from NS8 right inside BigCommerce’s default order queue. Warning icons appear next to low-scoring orders that exhibit fraud markers and are deemed suspicious.

All Ad Campaigns Scored

Discover which of your advertising campaigns and sources are responsible for the most low-quality traffic. Direct your budget towards campaigns that score well and actually deliver.

Block Retargeting Fraud

Don't waste revenue by remarketing to bots. Block bots and other deceptive users from getting tagged for retargeting.

Google Analytics Integration

Make remarketing more effective. Set a custom threshold to add high-scoring users to high-value remarketing audiences.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor your website’s performance from a global view, and receive alerts when issues arise or if add-ons are affecting the speed of your store.

Malware Monitoring

Protect against malware by monitoring Google’s safe browsing list for your domain. Receive alerts via email or SMS if potential malware is found.

Total protection for merchants

Seamlessly integrated with your BigCommerce store, NS8's customizable fraud prevention tools ensure you can approve orders faster without compromising on security.
Order fraud protection

Separate fraudsters from legitimate customers by analyzing every action a user takes and increase acceptance rates with confidence.

Advertising fraud protection

Direct your future ad spend away from bots and toward real customers by evaluating traffic from advertising campaigns.

Site performance monitoring

Set alerts for website performance problems and unexpected downtime so you can handle issues before they affect your customers.