NS8 Protect for Shopify

Protect your store from the three big revenue killers: advertising fraud, order fraud, and performance issues.

NS8 Protect uses industry-leading techniques to identify bots and malicious activity. Available for Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and thirty bees, it is the one-stop solution for all e-commerce stores, whether they are big or small.

NS8 Protect for Shopify Dashboard

Advertising Fraud Can Eat Up to 34% of Your Budget

NS8 identifies low quality traffic and stops fraudsters from stealing your resources.

Driving traffic to your store is important. But driving low-quality traffic is a waste of money, and the fraud that comes with it will eat away at your revenue. NS8 not only scores your traffic to let you know which campaigns and traffic sources are costing you money, it also blocks bots from being retargeted. Speaking of retargeting…

Stolen Advertising Budget

Bots Have a New Scam

Retargeting is an effective tool to reach customers when it’s not being abused by fraudsters.

Retargeting fraud is a simple scam. Bots are sent to your store and pretend to shop in the hopes of getting tagged for remarketing ads. Then they go to the fraudster’s website to “look” at the ads that you are paying to display. NS8 identifies these bots and blocks them from getting tagged, keeping your advertising budget focused on real human people. Without NS8, remarketing is not as effective as it should be.

Bot Ready for Retargeting

Track Your Savings

Remarketing fraud can be difficult to understand, and even harder to measure.

Every time NS8 blocks a bot or invalid session from being tagged for retargeting, you are saving money. We use industry rates to determine the number of retargeting ads the bot would have been served and the cost of each of those ads.

Retargeting Savings

Spot Fraud From a Mile Away

NS8 scores every order.

NS8 uses machine learning, real-time scoring, and fraud pattern detection to make fraud so obvious, it's comical. You can laugh again knowing that you aren't losing resources or suffering chargebacks to prolific low-effort theft. If someone is going to commit fraud against your business, they are going to have to try a lot harder, or just search for websites that don’t have NS8 code running on their stores.

Stolen Credit Cards

Introducing the EQ8 Score

NS8 scores all traffic, users, and orders. Store administrators can set custom thresholds for actions.

The EQ8 scoring engine assesses every visitor to a website or service, and it assigns a score from 0-1000 to identify their potential risk for fraud. Much like a credit score, this helps store owners learn more about the identity of suspect users and make an informed decision about whether to request further verification from them before completing the transaction.

Some of these methods used to formulate this score are algorithmic, and others are learned over time by detecting patterns in the data. For more information on the attributes we consider and how our EQ8 score is applied, check out our methodology page.

EQ8 Score

Custom Rules for Order Quarantine

Use any attribute to create custom order rules that work for your specific industry, market, or internal procedure.

With custom rulesets, you can tailor our fraud solution so that it aligns with the specific needs of your individual business. This lets you generate your own exceptions or warning flags that ensure your filtering efforts don’t hinder your real customers, and it empowers you to protect your storefront from the threats you face on a daily basis.

Identity Verification Stops Bots and Fraudsters

Use order rules to automatically initiate identity verification.

You can use our suite of capabilities to learn more about the identity of suspect users once they drop below a particular custom threshold. This gives you greater control over the screening process and lets you initiate additional checks for a further layer of security.

Bot Fraudster Alert

Reduce Manual Order Review

Increase productivity and shorten processing times.

With NS8 on watch for fraud, you will be free to put resources where they are more effective. No longer will labor and productivity be wasted reviewing the good orders from your real customers.

Auto Process Boxes

Monitor Your Store’s Technical Performance and Reputation

NS8’s global network of monitoring stations watches over your store 24/7.

NS8 Protect includes 5 important monitors for eCommerce platforms. You can receive escalating SMS or e-mail messages if: your SSL certificate is set to expire, your domain is added to a spam list, your website is flagged for malware concerns, a portion of your website fails to load, or your load performance drops against the global average.

Performance Monitor

Expired Certificates are Scary

Customers are presented with dire warnings when a store's encryption certificate expires.

If one of the site’s certificates expires, many secure networks and browsers will notify customers who try to visit a certain page that the content is no longer secure. Not only does this leave the site vulnerable, but it costs the business valuable potential customers as it undermines consumer confidence.

With NS8, you can monitor all of your sites’ important certificates so that you aren’t caught unaware by an untimely expiration.

Certificate Expiration

Fraud identification and protection made easy.

EQ8 Scoring

Every action taken by a user at your store is scored by the EQ8 engine, which functions a lot like a credit score. A high score is awarded when a user has displayed characteristics of being a trustworthy human, and a low score is awarded when the user has been found to be deceptive about their identity, location, device, etc.

All Orders Scored

NS8 integrates order scoring from the EQ8 score right into Shopify's default order queue. Warning icons appear next to low-scoring orders that exhibit fraud markers and are deemed suspicious.

All Ad Campaigns Scored

Discover which of your advertising campaigns and sources are responsible for the most low-quality traffic. Direct your budget towards campaigns that score well and actually deliver.

Block Retargeting Fraud

Don't waste revenue by remarketing to bots. NS8 blocks bots and other deceptive users from getting tagged for retargeting.

Google Analytics Integration

Make remarking more effective. Set a custom EQ8 score threshold to add high-scoring users to high-value remarketing audiences.

SMS Order Verification

Request SMS or email verification from the customer on suspicious order.

Performance Monitoring

Every plugin added to your store can negatively impact the speed, performance and customer experience of your website. NS8 monitors your website’s performance from a global view and alerts you if there is an issue.

Malware Monitoring

Every plugin added to your store is another potential avenue for fraudsters to attack and sneak malware into you store with the hope of infecting your customers. NS8 monitors Google’s safe browsing list for your domain and alerts you via email or SMS.

Stay off of Spam Lists

Stay off of Spam Lists


Get started today with your free 30-day trial. The first month of protection is on us. After that, our tiered pricing means you pay only for what you need. All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.


Flex Pricing at $1.20 per each additional 1,000 scores over 30,000.

  • Up to 30,000 Scores
  • Transaction Fraud Protection
  • Ad Fraud Protection
  • Performance Monitoring


Flex Pricing at $1.00 per each additional 1,000 scores over 100,000. Optional pay-per-use charges for NS8 Extensions.

  • Up to 100,000 Scores
  • Transaction Fraud Protection
  • Ad Fraud Protection
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Access to NS8 Extensions