Optimize your site and your revenue

Set custom alerts to keep your team informed of website performance problems and prevent the loss of customers due to unexpected downtime.

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Site Performance

Live performance monitoring

Know when and where customers are experiencing site issues, such as slower load times and incomplete pages, by monitoring responses from servers around the globe.

Performance Monitoring Responses

Certificate expiration notification

Avoid blacklists and security warnings by keeping your website’s security certificates up to date. Get notified when your certificate is about to expire and be proactive about renewals.

Certificate Expiration

High-priority alerting

Get notified immediately if your site goes offline so you can respond quickly and direct resources to the place where they’re most needed.

High Priority Alert Mobile

Benefits of performance monitoring

Decreased downtime costs

Escalating outage alerts help decrease labor costs and customer losses by letting you get ahead of unexpected downtime.

Extended analytics

Deeper data allows for more efficient ways to track common issues and potential problem areas, which helps identify where current processes can be optimized.

Cost-effective protection

Where other fraud prevention services require a significant amount of time and money before providing a return on investment, our platform grants results immediately.

Better Resource Management

With timely dashboard and email notifications for important website issues, employees can spend more time focused on other tasks.


Case Study
Health food company cuts out ad and order fraud

When fraudulent orders grew to the equivalent of over half their monthly online revenue, LonoLife needed a solution, fast. By using NS8, they identified the source of their fraudulent traffic and eradicated it.

Case Study
Designer swimsuit company thwarts fraud with SMS verification

With no verification tools in place, ViX PAULA HERMANNY was leaving the door open to potential fraud. Implementing SMS verification through NS8 made it possible to block fraudulent orders without losing revenue from real customers, protecting their bottom line.

Case Study
Order rules boost bottom line for designer bag company

Like many ecommerce companies, Lily Jade was struggling to balance fraud prevention with the need to not deny any of their good customers. Looking for a fraud prevention solution that would offer them customizable options at an affordable price, they came to NS8.