Customer Verification v2.0

We renamed SMS Verification to Customer Verification. To verify customer information, the customer receives an email with a link to a confirmation page. On the confirmation page, the user requests a code which is sent to their phone. To confirm the order, the customer enters the code on the confirmation page.

In NS8 v2 you can choose the action that's taken automatically based on the results of the customer verification.


  • Added

    • Outcomes for Customer Verification Passes and Customer Verification Fails settings to let you decide what happens after a customer passes or fails verification. You can use this setting to change the NS8 Status and NS8 Risk.

    • A save settings notification. Now you'll know when changes are made, and you can confirm that you're ready to save those changes.

  • Improved

    • Renamed SMS Verification to Customer Verification.

  • Fixed

    • The outcome of the customer verification does not affect an order that's already approved or canceled. This prevents a verification result from retroactively affecting the order workflow.