Turn on Holded for Magento

We’ve created a new order state for our Magento merchants.

In NS8 v2.0, you can use the Manage Auto Hold feature to add a layer of friction to the order process in your store. When turned on, the Auto Hold feature views the status of an order in NS8 and in Magento. This feature appears in NS8, but it changes the order status and state in Magento.

When an order is on hold for review and Auto Hold is turned on, the following order statuses and states appear: 

  • NS8

    • The order status is Merchant Review. By default, this is the status for orders that are on hold. Orders stay in Merchant Review until they are verified, approved, or canceled. 

  • Magento

    • The order status is either NS8 Merchant Review or On Hold. To change the status, go to the Magento Order View page.

    • The state of the order is Holded, regardless of whether the order status is NS8 Merchant Review or On Hold. To determine if an order is Holded, go to the Order View page and verify that Unhold appears at the top of the page.

Note: Auto Hold is based on the default state and status in Magento. Creating custom states and statuses might impact the functionality of the Auto Hold feature.  

For more information about Magento order processing, go to Processing an Order

For more information about order states and statuses in Magento, go to Order State and Status

Turn on Auto Hold in NS8

  1. Log in to your Magento store. 

  2. Select Sales, and then select Dashboard. The NS8 dashboard appears. 

  3. Select Settings/Support, and then select Settings. The Settings page appears. 

  4. Under Magento Integration, select Manage Auto Hold.

    Any order in Merchant Review in NS8 is automatically Holded in Magento. 


    Note: Order rules can override the Auto Hold feature. For example, orders that meet the criteria for an auto-approve rule are Approved in NS8 and Processing in Magento.

View a Holded order

To verify that an order is in Merchant Review in NS8 and Holded in Magento:

In NS8

  1. Select an order. The Order Review page appears.

  2. Verify that the order is in Merchant Review.

  3. Select the order number to review the order in Magento. The Order View page appears.

  4. Verify that the Order Status is NS8 Merchant Review or On Hold and that Unhold appears at the top of the page. 

In Magento

  1. Locate an order and make sure that the Order Status is NS8 Merchant Review or On Hold. 

  2. Confirm that Unhold appears at the top of the page. 

  3. On the left, select NS8 Order Review. The Order Review page appears. 

  4. Confirm that the Order Status is Merchant Review.

View Holded orders in a customer's order history

To view orders in NS8 that are Holded in Magento, go to the Order Review page. In Order History, the Magento state of previous orders appears under Platform Status:

Take an order off hold

To process an order that is Holded, manually review it and take it off hold. To take an order off hold, in Magento, locate the order, and then select Unhold. A confirmation message appears, and the Order Status changes to Processing.

Approved orders in NS8 have a status of Processing in Magento.

If an invoice has not been issued, you can manually put an order back on hold. To do this, in Magento, at the top-right of the Order View page, select On Hold.