Order Action button v2.0

To replace the different buttons for Approve, Cancel, or SMS Verifying an order, we created one button that lets you manage orders seamlessly. Now you can see all your available options for handling an order in one place, which helps prevent accidentally choosing illogical options (SMS verifying an already cancelled order) or confirming/denying an order by mistake.

In the case of Customer Verification, this prevents multiple requests from being accidentally sent, provides more information to you about how long ago the request for verification was made, and shows what response was given by the customer (if any). Every step taken by both the merchant and the customer also appears in the Order Log (below).


  • Added

    • One button to approve, cancel, or verify orders. This button and its functionality are also available on the Suspicious Orders page and the dashboard.

    • A confirmation Are you sure Y/N to the order management buttons to reduce the chance of accidentally approving, canceling, or verifying orders.

    • Text to indicate when a Customer Verification request has been sent, is pending, or has been confirmed or denied. This helps you see the status of customer verification requests.

    • A timer under the order management button that shows how long ago a Customer Verification request was sent and the results of that check.

    • Detail to the approved/verified/cancelled actions so it is clearer when the action was taken and by whom (whether manual or automated).

  • Fixed

    • You can send a second verification request after the first one is sent to avoid accidentally saturating the customer with these requests.