Order review details v2.0

We made changes to the Order Review page to give you more information about the order. This includes information about the customer’s payment and other items that were only previously available by adding columns to the Suspicious Orders page.

To help with product ease-of-use, we revised the layout of the page and added multiple tooltips to explain important sections and provide context for you to make decisions about how to handle orders.


  • Added

    • More tooltips to explain key sections and assist product ease-of-use.

    • Details to the payment transactions field, which now has more information like the AVS result codes.

    • Other user locations under the map, with the billing address, shipping address and device location all clearly identified.

    • A separate tab for session details and navigation history.

  • Improved

    • Layout changes to enhance visibility of key information and add new explanations to the Order Review page.

    • User risk and payment risk attributes appear below the order’s EQ8 score when a risk is detected.

    • The Customer Details field includes the last five orders (instead of only orders in the last 30 days) and incorporates the Platform Order Status of those orders.