The Settings page v2.0

We made changes to the Settings page to make it easier for you to set up NS8. It provides more detailed information about each setting to help you with your configuration.

We changed some settings to ensure consistency across the NS8 platform. For example, you can turn on SMS Verification (now Customer Verification) using order rules. The sliders work in accordance with the changes to NS8 Risk.


  • Added

    • More workflow options so you can choose whether NS8 operates between Payment Authorization & Capture, between Capture & Fulfillment, or has no impact on order processing. This give you more flexibility when you're working with third-party apps and different platforms.

    • More tooltips to explain key sections and help you use the platform easily.

    • Notches to both sliders to allow easier adjustment and return to defaults.

  • Improved

    • Layout to enhance visibility of key information and add new explanations to the Settings page.

    • The Valid vs. Suspicious Users slider is now Valid vs. Suspicious Sessions. The threshold for this slider determines whether a session is flagged as Suspicious = True/False when you add the Suspicious column to the Suspicious Sessions/Suspicious Orders page.

    • The Flag Suspicious Orders slider is now Assign Order Risk. This lets you adjust the NS8 Risk that is assigned to an order based on its EQ8 score.

  • Fixed

    • For Shopify - Removed Include Shopify’s Order Risk to reduce score confusion between NS8 and Shopify and unify functionality of NS8 across different platforms.

    • The toggle for SMS Verification for Suspicious Orders. Automatic Customer Verification requests are now handled via Order Rules (below) by triggering a check when a certain score (or other condition) is met.