Order review

Understanding the Order Review page.

Our Order Review page provides a detailed overview of an order’s status, risk level, customer data, and other relevant order information. You can use this page to help you determine whether an order is ready for approval, needs to be canceled, or requires further investigation.

1. Order information

Includes the order number, the total price of the order, and the date and time it was placed.

2. Order status and risk

Includes the NS8 Risk and NS8 Order Status of the order. If the order is still in Merchant Review, you can approve, cancel, or request customer verification for the order.

3. Location

Includes the customer’s shipping address, billing address, and device location. Each of these locations is pinpointed on a world map. Discrepancies between billing and shipping address or shipping address and device location can indicate fraud. 

4. Customer data

Includes the customer’s name, email address, and previous orders. If a customer has previously placed orders using the same name and email address, this section shows information about their last five orders.

5. Scoring

Information about the order’s scores, including our score and supplementary scoring like Ekata Identity Check.

Our score

We score all orders automatically when a customer makes a purchase. This score appears in this section, along with any user issues and payment issues that contributed to the score.

Ekata scoring

If Ekata has already scored this order, the results will appear in this section. If Ekata has not scored this order, run a check by selecting Run Ekata Free or Run Ekata Pro.

6. Logs

Information about the customer’s activity on your website, including order updates, payment attempts, and navigation paths.

Order log

Information about the status of an order in the NS8 platform. If the status or risk of an order changes, or if we receive more scores, the updates appear in this section. Each update includes the action, date and time of occurrence, and whether it was caused by our settings, an order rule, or manual review.

Payment attempts

Information about the customer’s payment attempts for an order. All forms of submitted payment appear on this tab, including failed attempts. Each form of payment includes the time of submission, card type, Bank Identification Number (BIN), and status.

Information about the customer’s navigation path through your website. This shows each page the customer visited, and the time that elapsed during their journey.

7. Ekata

Information about the order's Ekata Identity Check results. The details on this tab are sorted into five sections: Billing Data, Shipping Data, Email Data, Phone Data, and IP Data. Each section provides several data points about that customer, including the validity of their email and phone number, estimated age, and address type.

If Ekata has not scored this order, run a check by selecting Run Ekata Free or Run Ekata Pro. Certain data points on this tab are only available for Ekata Pro checks. 

8. Verifi

Information about the order’s status in Verifi CDRN, if applicable. You can view the details of each case, including the case’s status, disputed amount, date received, and date of expiration. If a case is pending, this tab shows how much time is left to resolve the case. To manage open cases, issue a full, partial, or rejected refund.