Order rules v2.0

We've improved order rules so that they are easier to use. You can drag order rules and turn them on and off instead of having to edit them each time if you want to change the processing order or be temporarily turn it off. Additionally, it is clear what actions are performed when a rule is and isn't met. These changes make configuring order rules easier and help you manage your workflow.

You can give different rules a nickname and attach notes so you can track what they are supposed to do and document any necessary changes.


  • Added

    • More tooltips to explain key sections, provide directions, and help you use the platform.

    • Text to the Order Rules page. You can see the order in which rules are running and how you can change their order.

    • An on/off switch for each order rule so you can turn them on or off without editing or deleting them. You can access this feature on the main page and when you go to edit a rule.

    • Drag functionality to change the order of rules more easily.

    • A displayed nickname and syntax for order rules so it is easy to see what they do and how they operate. You can access this feature on the main page and when you go to edit a rule.

    • If Yes and If No columns so it is clearer which actions are taken for a rule. Failing to meet the condition of any rule (If No) will always move on to automatically check the next rule in the sequence or exit and leave the order in Merchant Review if no rules are applied.

    • A notes field to the Create Order Rule/Edit Order Rule page so you can describe what the rule is meant to do in more detail if you or your team want to review it later.

  • Fixed

    • Revised layout to enhance visibility of important information and add new explanations to the Order Rules page.

    • Order rules are no longer case sensitive, so they will operate regardless of capitalization for different attributes on an order.

    • The available actions to Approve order, Cancel Order, Verify Customer, Run Whitepages Pro Check, Change NS8 Risk (Low, Medium, High).

    • For Magento: Removed the On Hold rule action to avoid potential incompatibilities that might occur between NS8 and the order workflow.